Call for Foodmakers, Artists, Musicians, and Supporters!


LAUNCH: SEPT 12, 2009 from Noon – 6pm

Greenpoint Food Market is inspired by all foods fresh and local, artisanal and homemade. It is a response to a burgeoning culinary food scene billowing through Brooklyn and functions as a support system for food makers in search of an audience to present and share their home-craft goods. GFM encourages community involvement and DIY methods of food production and hopes to bring people together to simply enjoy and appreciate delicious food.

GFM will take place at Church of the Messiah in Greenpoint every Saturday from Noon to 6pm and will host vendors selling goods such as chocolate, bread, mini pies, kimchee, fresh squeezed juice, sandwiches, peanut butter, jam, harissa and pickled ginger sauce, ice cream, and many more delectable items. There will be live music and educational programs and demonstrations scheduled and food induced artwork will be installed throughout the walls and columns inside the cafeteria of the church.

GFM is currently registering food makers, musicians, and artists releasing all forms of food expression. Vendors can book a table on a weekly basis with fees ranging from $40-50 per day and are encouraged to share with other food makers. Musicians can schedule a performance date and artists can submit any works referencing food. GFM also encourages business support, to take place in the form of raffled gifts and giveaway or discounted products. Participation ideas are more than welcome.

Please send an email to with questions, ideas, comments, and suggestions. Updates and info can be found on

Thank you!


2 responses to “Call for Foodmakers, Artists, Musicians, and Supporters!

  1. It’s awesome that you’re putting this together, I look forward to it. I’d suggest adding a location on your flyer, and also putting a map/directions/google link in your about section. Saw the flyer on a blog and had to do some digging to figure it out.

  2. hello
    im loking for this kind of job .

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