Market launches THIS SATURDAY!


Greenpoint Food Market launches THIS SATURDAY Sept 12th from Noon to 6pm!

We are SUPER excited to inaugurate the weekly food market this Saturday inside the Church of Messiah located at 129 Russell Street between Nassau and Driggs Ave in Greenpoint, Brooklyn.

GFM started as a nagging daydream about a market exclusively serving food lovingly produced by locals. It is a response to a burgeoning culinary movement where DIY, artisanal, and traditional methods of food-making is short of becoming normalized in Brooklyn and beyond. GFM hopes to be a support system for explorative amateur chefs and gourmands wishing to share their goods with the community and maybe even make a buck or two along the way. GFM is all about community involvement and gastronomical gratification, bringing folks together through food appreciation.

The market will be an all-encompassing sensory experience where visitors can walk from table to table sampling the goods while listening to live music and marveling at the artwork installed throughout the space, all referencing food. The convergence of art and food will not only instill potential chaos in a cozy space but also foster a unique experience utilizing all senses for savory consumption.

The market will feature a little over 30 vendors sharing tables to bring variety and community essence into the space. Hungry and curious patrons will be treated to an array of homemade goods including:

Mini pies by Py-O-My

Jam by Anarchy in a Jar

Pickles by Brooklyn Brine

Kombucha by Kombucha Brooklyn

Honey by Brooklyn Honey

Kimchee by Mama O’s

Chocolate by Taza Chocolate

Cookies by Sugarbuilt

Soup by The Soup Spoon

Soda by Pumpkin & Honeybunny

A performance involving angel cake and deviled eggs by artist Hein Koh

A bake sale residency by Sweet Tooth of the Tiger

The launch of Food + Sex magazine

Custom made tote bags by Christine Cotter

The market will also feature vegan and gluten-free baked goods, beer poached bratwurst, cocktail syrup, mini tarts and bundt cakes, herb garni, boiled peanuts, granola and coconut macaroons. These specialty prepared foods will be offered and packaged to take home or enjoy at McGolrick Park across the street.

We’d love to see you at Greenpoint Food Market. Your attendance not only supports local food production and distribution but harbors community support through sustainable practices in and out of the kitchen.

There’s always room for more vendors, if you’d like to join, just shoot us an email!


One response to “Market launches THIS SATURDAY!

  1. I will be there! Cannot wait!

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