GFM Launch: A Success!

Greenpoint Food Market launched this past Saturday and what crazy fun! Vendors went all out making the most scrumptious goods in their field, filling up each table with such beautiful and irresistible presentation. Visitors were enchanted with eyes and mouths wide open sampling pancakes and pate, caramel apple pie and kimchi, ginger syrup and lime soda, boiled peanuts and kombucha, pickles and honey, deviled eggs and beyond.

GFM is infinitely grateful for all the vendors who lovingly toiled in the kitchen to share their deliciousness with us and we swooned at the crowd swarming through each isle throughout the day. We couldn’t possibly ask for anything more delectably gratifying. Now without further ado, a photo recap of the gastronomical chaos that ensued:


A high energy reverberated through the space, it was mesmerizing.


Red velvet and maple bacon miniature cupcakes from Wee Bites, exquisitely made with toppings that were smooth and slightly salty.


An array of chocolate flavors from Taza Chocolate. We don’t want to play favorites but we LOVE the Guajillo Chili Mexicano where the spice sucker punches you at the very last second.


Brooklyn Brine shows off their pickling skills. Their long and crunchy garlic scapes can be slurped and sucked like pasta straws.


Morris Kitchen with their intensely soothing ginger syrup and herb garni. The simplicity and craftiness of their packaging was enough to win us over and over.


Sugarbuilt is the mastermind of cookie decoration. Each are exquisitely crafted, reflecting the architecture and environment of the neighborhood.


Anarchy in a Jar presented a distinguished array of jams, featured here is Midnight Morello, which includes crimson morello cherries giving off a sweet and tart flavor that is just lip smacking good.


Artist Hein Koh provides the ultimate food experience by combining art and food with performance and consumption. Devils and angels unite or fight in this presentation and visitors contribute to the battle lovemaking by eating what more than deviled eggs and angel food cupcakes.


Sweet and savory Chinese pancakes by Bing Means Pancakes were chewy and flavorful. It was great to see folks walking around holding with a gigantic slab of pancake between their hands, munching away in and out of the market.


Keen-wah is a quinoa based trail mix that was on everyone’s favorite list. So good are these granola-esque health bites that they ran out way before market was even half way done. Y’all better bring more next time!


We simply couldn’t ignore the insistent aroma of kimchee emanating from Mama O’s. Lucky them we can NEVER have enough fermented cabbage.


Folks salivated for some local Brooklyn Honey and they sold out of fresh combs before the end of the day. The granola is also not to be toyed with, which includes blueberries, pecans, flax seeds, coconuts, cinnamon and duh, honey.


Christian Zucconi and his band Back Off Track tootin’ some tunes for the market. “Wild and Free” is a song that will always make us swoon.

By now you should be drooling over the computer, squirming for more. Well you’re going to have to check our flickr page for more images of what good and fun was had. Check back in a few days for a list of vendors you can expect this Saturday for all your feigning needs.

If you were able to join us this past Saturday please provide feedback, suggestions, comments, recommendations, and pure love on our yelp page that one visitor started. This market is nothing but collaboration and needs your contributions to sustain itself.

Also please join our facebook group and share it with all your friends. If you have pictures from the day, please add to our flickr page and tag them “greenpoint food market”.

We’ll also feature one vendor a week and interview their process and participation at the market so we can grow hungry some more.

Thank you again for an AMAZING and AWESOME first day and see you Saturday!

2 responses to “GFM Launch: A Success!

  1. Congratulations, Joann! Thanks for all your hard work!

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