At The Market This Saturday


Thank you again to all the visitors and vendors who came out last week, it was fantastical beyond words. It was all high energy and vibrancy and we at GFM can only hope for such positivity and support week after week.

This Saturday will be a smaller and cozier affair with about half the number of vendors both returning and new. Apparently it’s THE weekend of weddings and combined with Roshashana it’ll be a calmer and cooler day at the market.

We are also very happy to invite the amazing trio Pearl and the Beard for an unplugged performance. They will actually be filming a Will Smith cover for their music video and incorporate the awesome vibe of the market into the medley.

We will also be welcoming folks from Neighborhood Beat, a tv show for Brooklyn Independent TV. We will wear our Sunday best and try very hard to behave.

The market will be open from Noon – 5pm. And we are always looking for vendors so don’t be shy and shoot us an email!

Without further ado, here’s a list of exactly what you’ll find tomorrow:

– Isa’s Restoratives offers herbal tinctures in twelve varieties using herbs grown in a backyard in Williamsburg. These tinctures are supportive of the immune system and will be especially helpful when flu season arrives (boo!). There will also be digestive bitters for the belly sensitive. These tinctures can be used topically as well!

Taza Chocolate returns with an array of chocolate

Py-O-My will bring a mix of mini pies

Morris Kitchen continues to woo us with ginger syrup and herb garnis

Brooklyn Brine and their pickles will make you pucker

Kombucha Brooklyn will turn you into a kombuchista in a heartbeat.

La Bella Torte offers Italian pastries of all sorts. We are especially looking forward to Tiramisu.

Bing Means Pancakes serves up sweet and savory Chinese scallion pancakes.

– Dixie Spanish Boiled Peanuts gets serious with peanuts, pecan pie and sweet tea.

The Soup Spoon will win us over again with their heartwarming soups.

– Jenny will bring cornbread and granola to the table.

Skimkim is at it again with phenomenal Asian-Southern combos. The kimchi butter…

Plates and Records will fulfill your quiche fix.

– Berry Street Gags made custom made GFM totes, come get some!



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