GFM Recap

Hello GFM Fans! We’re a few days behind but here’s a recap of last week’s Greenpoint Food Market.


The combination of weddings, beautiful weather, and Roshashana seems to have kept the crowd outdoors and away this weekend but fear not we are convinced fans are die-hard market junkies and will return this Saturday in full force. If you didn’t come by the market here’s what you missed:


Skimkim Catering came back with a bang, serving popcorn in two flavors: Chesapeake Bay Boil Pop and our fave, Kimchee Pop. It’s a unique blend of butter and spice and it kept us munching throughout the day.


Py-O-My served some amazing mini pies again this week and added an caramel apple cake that’d make your eyes roll to the mix.


La Bella Torte brought all the Italian pastries we fantasize all about, including tiramisu. We LOVE tiramisu.


Morris Kitchen returns with their infamous ginger syrup and also featured a delicious arugula pesto.


We can never get enough kombucha!


These beautiful boiled eggs by Bing Means Pancakes are stewed in soy sauce and black tea.


Dixie Spanish ups the ante with more salty boiled peanuts, sticky pecan pie, sweet tea and Cheerwine, the infamous Southern-centric soda that is very hard to find on this side of town.


Isa’s Restorative tinctures could be very useful as we at GFM suffer from nasty sneezes and irritable sniffles.


Brooklyn Brine returns in full pickling force.


A big and tasty thank you to Pearl and the Beard who played an amazing performance for us. Their Will Smith medley makes us swoon each time.

Check back tomorrow for what you can expect this Saturday, and there’s still space so if you’d like to join shoot us an email!

Also check out Rotating Corpse’s amazing pictures from the market. Thank you!


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