What you’ll find at GFM tomorrow


Hello GFM Junkies!

Yes that is a completely irrelevant yet uncontrollably irresistible image of our pup Melodious Funk.

Here’s an amazing (complete yet short) list of vendors that’ll be displaying a variety of goods at the market tomorrow:

You Can’t Eat Bread? returns with gluten-free baked goods.

– Isa’s Restoratives will help cure this organizer’s nasty sneezes.

– Diane will offer baked goods of all sweet kinds.

– Jaime’s boiled peanuts will be served in paper bags and seasoned with spices. yum.

Cafe Grumpy recently installed a roaster at their Greenpoint base and we are very proud to have their participation at GFM serving fresh coffee.

– Pumpkin & Honeybunny returns with homemade soda and custom printed cards.

– We fell in love with La Bella Torte‘s tiramisu last week. They’d better be bringing more tomorrow.

Py-O-My presents her special mini pies.

– We can’t wait to taste Rugebite’s mediterranean spreads and rugelach. He might surprise us with others goodies.

Keen-wah returns with their mind blowing quinoa based trail mix!



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