What will you find at GFM this Saturday?


Hello fans and friends of Greenpoint Food Market!

First, apologies for you amazing folks who made their way to the Church of Messiah last Saturday only to find there was no market. We hope this does not discourage you to join us THIS SATURDAY for another awesome day of fresh homemade goods. Since it’s launch in September, GFM has had a mix of returning and new vendors and it’s been amazing to sample and take home delicious treats such as  sweet and spicy caramel, baba ghanouj, coffee, tea eggs, soda, ginger syrup, kombucha, tiramisu and kimchi. This week we’ve got vendors old and new, all ready to appease your gastronomical curiosities.

Before we bombard you with a list vendors you’ll find on Saturday we hope you will continue to spread the good word about GFM and please stop by!

– Anarchy in a Jar: Jam!

– Token Confections: Caramel!

– Adorable Pretzels

– Taza Chocolate

– Woodside Bakehouse: Vegan granola bars!

– One19Gnocchi

– Sourpuss Pickles

– By the Hearth: Allergy free baked goods!

– Rugebites: Baba Ganoush! Hummus!

– Pumpkin & Honeybunny: Soda & cards!

– The Soup Spoon

– La Tia Faby: Empanadas!

– There will also be canned goods, pies, more!


One response to “What will you find at GFM this Saturday?

  1. El conejo granola bars were beyond good!!!

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