GFM Recap


It was yet another amazing day at Greenpoint Food Market, we certainly felt a resurgence of vibrant energy on Saturday, we had an amazing crowd of curious and hungry visitors and we are grateful for your support and cravings for all things scrumptious. We had one lucky visitor win a copy of Forking Fantastic!, a kickass cookbook (there will be more to come) and the sampling of our gastronomical samplings didn’t end. Here’s a recap of the day:


La Tia Faby’s empanadas were simply out of this world. The spinach and mushroom empanadas were plump and chewy, its shape rounded with a pinch down the center, resembling the most perfect toosh.


Sweetie Pies Brooklyn provided both sweet and savory and a magical combination of the two like the pear jalapeno mini pies, which are to die for.


Not only does Rugebites rule in the world of hummus and baba ganouj, their cabbage pirojki are moist and refreshing, think stuffed cabbage but sweeter, and might we say, better!


By the Hearth’s allergy free baked goods were a charm, especially the crumble apple pie.


Pumpkin & Honeybunny have been loyal vendors here at GFM and we can never get enough ginger soda and quirky vintage printed cards. Thank you!


Adorable Pretzel’s massive sweet knots were available by the pair, their soft and chewy insides were intensely comforting, especially when dipped with some local honey!


Anarchy in a Jar returns with a jamtastic bang, the plum nugget preserves are our favorite.


Token Confections have received undivided support for there caramels with spicy peanuts and pumpkin incorporated into these inexplicably soft delicacies, what’s there not to love?


Annie & Jonna’s chimichurri sauce were herby and delicious and their squash butter would be perfect for a fall celebratory feast!


These squirmy buggy bundle of gnocchis by Chris are frozen and ready to boil and eat! Made in a humble home in Brooklyn!


Woodside Bakehouse makes amazing vegan granola bars that are sweet and chewy, and healthy!


Taza Chocolate is our official chocolate purveyor at GFM, and we will never get enough of their chili infused bars!


The Soup Spoon is always the first to sell out, which should tell her something, ahem! We want more!


And lastly, we were graced by an unplugged performance by the one and only John Hovorka.

We should mention that GFM is considering turning into a monthly market, but as we do suffering from indecisions we’d love to your feedback. Would you like to see us weekly or is that too much like seeing your in-laws to often and would rather grace us with your presence monthly? You’re likely to see us again THIS SATURDAY which we’ll confirm by Wednesday. If you’d like to sign up as a vendor please shoot us an email and PLEASE CONTINUE TO SPREAD THE GOOD WORD about GFM. It couldn’t possibly exist without you.

Don’t forget to join our facebook group and check the flickr page for more pictures, and email us to be added to the mailing list!

Also, if you’re a keen unplugged performer, we’d love to have you play for us.

Below is a video interview with GFM by Copenhagen Voice, also check out a feature on GFM by Brooklyn Beat HERE!

Thank you!!


2 responses to “GFM Recap

  1. I love this event but I think this should definitely be a monthly treat. This gives everyone a chance to re-fresh, re-group, and use/eat up the wonderful items purchased. And maybe a shorter time span — maybe 10:00 AM to 3PM, for the breakfast/brunch crowd and the afternoon snack crowd?

    A monthly schedule would also allow vendors to use some weekends to work on their products, or for catering gigs.

    A consistent schedule and advertising is KEY to the success of this event. Maybe also “advertise” this by having a mini-table at the Greenmarket? or elsewhere? So people get a taste of what this is about (literally)? (The first time I got the postcard, I thought it was a produce market…)

    Just some thoughts. Thank you for your work and dedication to this great local event!

  2. I love the idea of this market and has been something I’ve been meaning to get to since it started. I went by today a little after 5pm (the website says it’s open til 6pm) and the church was closed!!! I was SO disappointed. I think it’s a great thing to have weekly, but please post the correct times!

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