GFM News and Recap!


Before starting on a recap, an announcement must be made:

Greenpoint Food Market will now function as a monthly affair with educational workshops, spectacular performances, and enough accumulated vendors to leave you pregnant with food and its many glories. The next market day will be


Mark your calendar folks!

If you’d like to sign up as a vendor, email us.

If you’d like to sign up as an artist, email us.

If you’d like to sign up as a performer, email us.

If you’d like to join our mailing list, email us.


Also, before we continue, another announcement!

Oktoberfest EFLYER

Greenpoint Food Market is VERY PROUD to participate in MeanRed Productions’ OKTOBERFEST to occur THIS SUNDAY at TRANSMITTER PARK in where else, Greenpoint! Be prepared for an all day FREE festival of food, performance, dance, spectacle and beer! We’ll have a few vendors there making special themed baked goods and more!

The festivities start at noon at the park located on Greenpoint Ave and the water.

Now, onwards with a recap of this past Saturday’s market!


Abby’s Bakery joined us for the first time and showered us with a wide array of moist, chewy cookies and one of the best brownies we’ve ever stuffed in our mouths. The candied pecans were such a sweet combination with the rich chocolate thickness. Yum.


Rugebites returned with those delicious refreshing cabbage pirojkis and this time added a mushroom concoction.


We will NEVER tire of Taza Chocolate’s Guajillo Chili Mexicano. Their stone ground organic bars are beautifully shaped (in a circle) and wrapped and the grainy textured bits we always sample are musky, deep and original.


It was a dreary cold day, perfect for some heartwarming homemade soup by The Soup Spoon.


Wee Bites’ caramel and chocolate and almond covered apples were so good we only ate the skin and chucked the innards. Guilty.


Sandwich Friend is a first timer at the market and she brought a range of delicious sandwiches with ingredients uniquely integrated such as baked tofu with ginger garlic kale and mojito tomatoes using the covetous coriander mustard from Bing Means Pancakes. The table was shared by an artist who made on site drawings such as the one depicted here, gastropomorphic imagery that was as sweet and scrumptious as they looked!


Sugarbuilt returns with the ever so exquisitely designed cookies. Skulls, veggie peelers, graters, Greenpoint iron fences and skeletal newly weds were presented. We took the latter to a wedding as an affordable and elegant present, they loved it!


Sourpuss Pickles joined us for the first time provided all types of delicious peppers and pickles, and jams in the gooseberry and peach variety. We had some gooseberry this morning on toasted buttered rye bread.


La Tia Faby‘s empanadas are incomparable in taste and presentation, we simply can’t get those buttocks out of our heads!


Sweetie Pies Brooklyn gifted us with more pear jalapeno pies and more, before participating in the annual apple pie bakeoff at Enid’s. There’s no way those perfect miniature concoctions would’ve been anything but a winner.


We also were granted an amazing acoustic performance by a husband of a fellow vendor who made biscotti, popcorn and granola to support his soccer team. The Dylan-esque vocals and aesthetic made us all swoon.

Thank you and check back for updates on what will be another market full of feasting and revelry!


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