Slideluck Potshow Tomorrow!

Picture 1

Hello GFM Fans!

Our GFM organizer has recently been appointed Co-potluck Director for the upcoming Slideluck Potshow! SLPS is an event that started inside the apartment of its founder 9 years ago where basically visitors bring a dish, sit down and enjoy images submitted by an eclectic and wonderful array of photographers. It now functions as a non-profit and is run throughout the year WORLDWIDE!!

For this event which occurs TOMORROW at 7pm at APERTURE FOUNDATION, the potluck team has brought in local farms and purveyors such as Greenpoint’s own Rooftop Farms as well as BK Farmyards, food activists and educators and local chefs to share a dish along the evening’s theme INSIDE OUT as well as information on their organization and its contribution in supporting a viable local agricultural food production.

We are SUPER HAPPY to also present GFM vendor Skimkim, who will be pampering us with her wonderful skimkim flavored popcorn!

Come out, share a dish, watch a riveting slideshow and eat good food!


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