GFM Recap

Thank you everyone who came out on a beautiful and brisk Saturday to Greenpoint Food Market! It was a packed house and we are ever grateful for each vendor’s participation, sharing a variety of homemade goods to wide eyed eager-to-taste visitors streaming in through the door! The church was a flurry of activity, with a hot chocolate benefit cookoff, demos, raffles and performances all happening at once and here we announce winners and provide a recap of what you saw or missed.

BUT, before we go any further we should announce the next market day:


DEC 19th from Noon – 5

If you’d like to participate as a vendor, artist or performer, please contact us:

The vendor with the bestest and tastiest hot chocolate goes to:


Kheedim used jacques torres chocolate to concoct this tasty creamy hot chocolate and as a prize he received a bag of market goodies!! We raised $50 in singles and quarters for the soup kitchen, which uses every dollar donated to feed the hungry in Greenpoint. Thank you for your participation and for voting!

We gave away free raffles for a chance to win the amazing cookbook Forking Fantastic! and we are proud to announce Bonnie of Greenpoint as our winner! Yay!

The demos for pate, tempeh and kombucha took place at each vendor’s table and we got to learn about the wonders of how they are produced, what they consist of and how you can make some at home.

And now, those covetous photos:

GFM introduced a new vendor but old time Korean favorite, Arirang Kimchi. The thirty year old company has been reaching out to a broader audience and we welcomed them with open arms. Plus, they provided samples of delicious jap chae, a vegetable transparent noodle staple Korean dish.

Cafe Grumpy joined us again offering fresh coffee from their own roastery in Greenpoint with a new Costa Rica blend. Coffee fiends were ecstatic to find these at the market.

La Tia Faby’s empanadas sell like hotcakes and are quick in building a devoted fanbase.

Sweetie Pies Brooklyn’s mini pies are no joke: sausage, apple, sage pie, pear jalapeno pie and apple pie with a cheddar crust. Our bellies are rumbling and craving some right now.

We are grateful for Taza Chocolate’s participation in the hot chocolate cookoff, where they used the cinnamon chocolate disc to whip up a delicious recipe of warm and spicy drink.

We’ve been using Skimkim’s kimchi herb butter in our morning omelette but we might have to convert to their new ginger dazzled butter, only because it proclaims to be a crazy bitch.

Lindzertort Bakery’s granola is not only yummy, it’s vegan. Hence, it’s healthier than it already is.

Sandwiches by Sandwich Friend are very special with a eclectic mix of ingredients that are sure to please your palate. These were gone by the end of the day and we especially loved the hammy-apple which  has sauteed apples. Sauteed apples!

Our dear friend sells her father’s all natural candy sourced from Hudson Valley. Jelly beans, chocolate toffee dream bars, and chocolate espresso beans are perfect snacks that leaves you feeling a little less guilty.

Goddamn Cobras are an amazing film collective that also makes vegan pate. The tomato basil pate got us swooning.

Seed for Change’s microgreens and sprouts were a pleasure to the eyes and the freshly made, cooked-on-site tempeh sent an amorous scent throughout the church.

Mama O’s new bokchoy kimchee is bolder and crunchier than ever, although the cabbage version as pictured above are still potently good.

Morning Star Cakes and Cookies made these cute cupcakes and others topped with irresistible chunks of sugar. yum.

Fudge sauce. Caramel Sauce. Salted Toffee. Chocolate Almond Toffee. Bean & Apple. Period.

Berry Street Bags returns with a few new designs, based on photographs of the urbanscapes of our neighborhood.

Kor d’Oeuvres’ World’s Greatest Onion Dip is a bold statement to make but we’ll admit, it does indeed live up to its name. The spinach and artichoke dip is a also a new favorite.

We have officially fallen in love with Anarchy in  Jar’s Strawberry Balsamic Jam. We will never, EVER, have enough of those chunks of strawberries lathered onto waffles or toast. Ever.

Lucky Girl Cookies’ were sweet in its simplicity and are dangerous for sweets addicts.

Northside Town Hall joined the market with special firehouse cupcakes and brownies and rice crispy treats to talk to folks about their new organization.

Woodside Bakehouse’s signature vegan granola bar is chewy and delicious!

Sugarbuilt surprises us every time with her innovative and elaborate cookie designs, here you will see fennel next to turkey next to acorn squash. Pure fall celebration.

Sourpuss Pickles have a way turning non pickle eaters into converted pickler sticklers.

Soup Spoon provides the heartiest soups in town including the instantaneously soothing chicken dumpling soup.

A Needed Twist brought a mix of twisted up breads that were soft and aromatic and went very well simply torn and dipped into vegan pate.

Token Confections buyers beware, these chewy soft caramels are incredibly inexplicably addictive. We ate our entire bag in one sitting.

Theo’s chicken liver pate has brought an unfamiliar to the masses and made sure everyone enjoyed it, he didn’t have to try very hard.

Nick’s “Chili Heaven” consists of 30 ingredients including peanut butter, espresso, apple cider, and beer. We challenged him to bring double the portion next time using 60 ingredients.

Pumpkin & Honeybunny’s homemade soda and stationary have become a staple at the market and we’re not sure how we tolerated life without hibiscus soda in the past.

Mombucha is created by our dear friend Rich and his partner, based on a recipe given by his mother and her friend Ruth. He will deliver and refill your mombucha by bike in the neighborhood and will give you a sweet lecture on how kombucha is made and why you should drink three 4oz cups a day.

Last but not least, thank you Brian for an amazing jazz accompaniment to the market, it was a fabulous performance with riffs of guitar and bass reverberating through the space.

Thank you! and See you Dec 19th!


2 responses to “GFM Recap

  1. This was a great market. I enjoyed all the free samples. I bought a tub of the cobra pate and am eating it now! I can’t wait to come on Dec. 19th to pick up Xmas gifts!

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