Holiday Foodtacular Recap!

Our headquarters laptop is finally functioning again and we’d like to thank Santa for not obliterating our data and pictures so that we might share the spectacular FOODtacular that occurred here at Greenpoint Food Market last week!

Cut out snowflakes, santa hats, gift wrapping, and music (no holiday tunes, thank god) abounded inside the Church of Messiah and we are grateful to all the folks who came out despite the threat of an oncoming snow storm, (which are only now starting to disintegrate) meandering through the isles shopping for their beloveds with pickles, jam, cookies, chocolate and beyond. We loved the high energy holiday spirit which just seemed to make everyone nicer than usual. Here are some pictures if you missed out!

Ricochilito’s pickled chipotle peppers makes its debut at GFM.

Slantshack Jerky sold out their two flavors of chewy jerky before we could take some shots here’s their sticker planted on the buxom chest of one of the founders.

We love Sourpuss Pickles‘ new do. O and their pickles are pretty delicious.

Our neighbors at Rooftop Farms joined us sharing some produce and pickled jars from the farm as well as some awesome t-shirts and bags.

Kor d’Oeuvres shares his infamous dips from (our favorite) spinach & artichoke dip to the world’s greatest onion dip.

Mama O’s bokchoy kimchee is a perfect combo of crunch, chew, tart, sour and spice. It goes really well chopped and added to your morning eggs. Make sure to brush your teeth promptly after though.

These peppermint-chocolate candy cane sandwich cookies from You Can’t Eat Bread? summarized the holiday in one spiked bite.

Sarah’s Cherry Brandy Christmas Fruit Cakes were softly intoxicating.

The Regal Vegan‘s Faux Gras lets you eat with decadence without gaining an extra layer of blubber.

We are wholeheartedly obsessed with Bean & Apple’s Oreo Cookie Cookies. Obsessed.

Janet’s Rum Cakes is family run and have been passed down a couple generations, now available for everyone to enjoy its luscious, soft, moist body in every bite.

Cobra Pate brought it in a new flavor this time around, the ginger carrot cashew. It was super flavorful and punchy.

A Park’s green tea macaroons were out of this world, as was her raisin bread. Green tea as dessert should be the next new big thing. Green tea ice cream, green tea macaroons, green tea tiramisu, green tea cannolis, green tea crepes, green tea…

We love Sandwich Friend’s scandalous sandwich titles as much as we enjoy eating them. The saucy tempehtress has veggies, tempeh, pickles, and laid on sesame buns. It was light but filling.

Lindzertort Bakery’s Rugelach. Say no more.

The DP Chutney Collective offers an endless variety of chutneys from pineapple and coconut to chili pepper and apple-quince.

Sugarbuilt’s snowflakes made our eyes gleam and glitter. And we are oh so proud of her iron clad cookies featured in Edible Brooklyn.

Woodside Bakehouse’s granola is so chewy and delicious, we enjoyed ours with a glass of raw milk from Connecticut.

Brooklyn Brine’s single serve pickles were the perfect accompaniment to the saucy tempehtress.

Mini apple and pumpkin pies from Tiny Pies for You!

Kombucha Brooklyn’s new flavors Straight Up and Urban Passion.

We loved By The Hearth‘s allergy free baked goods packaged in little gingerbread men, so holiday-licious!

These brownies by Abby’s Bakery were fudgy and blended right with your tongue. Delicious.

La Bella Torte went all out, showering us with a variety of Italian pastries.

We heart keen-wah. Period.

Pumpkin & Honeybunny was the perfect source for your holiday cards.

We are up for some skimkim‘s mean green skimchee any time of day.

Vivana’s organic vegan pate and crackers were the perfect appetizers for our holiday party. Rich, textural, and filling!

Mombucha returned with two new flavors with tea and awesomeness. Their new t-shirts are pretty sweet too.

We loved all the tunes DJ Jimmy T provided on the record, thank you!

Lastly, many thanks to Colin for playing and singing some amazing tunes! He was accompanied by a tap dancer that took the stage and blew us away. Thank you!

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