A Love-Infested Recap

Hello Lovers of Greenpoint Food Market!

Thank you SO MUCH to EVERYONE who came out this past Saturday to the market. We are still SWOONING in remnants of the gastronomic love affair that ensued, our mouths and bellies riding on the bed of gratified indulgence. It was a PACKED HOUSE with vendors from all over the local arena flaunting their covetous foodstuffs, tenderly made in their love shacks for us to share and appreciate. Colormekatie clicked away on her camera as we voyeuristically peeped lovers doing their thang at the kissing photo booth stage thing area. Our knees were weakened when Rifle Recoil performed his serenade, his voice reaching ridiculously high octaves executed with piercing perfection. The combined beat boxing and multi-layered sound mixing confirmed he is indeed a one man wonderband. DJ Jimmy T played some tunes to get out giddy toes a poppin’, bringing back old school flair with class and wit. Beside the accumulation of hearts dangling everywhere there were drawings, paintings, and prints of artwork expressing an appreciation for food and the fun and creative things you can do with it.

Check our flickr page for images of all goodies we consumed. And below, a highlight of our escapade:

The most representative of our food affair theme was Sugarbuilt‘s lingerie cookie series. So sexy.

Anarchy in a Jar and Mama O’s Kimchee come together to “bring you an aphrodisiac of mythical proportions”. They had an affair and made a baby called Jamchi. What a great pair!

Slankshack Jerky: The official jerky of  love.

Sandwich Friend‘s Lonely Hearts Club is a riff on your dull club sandwich with chipotle carrots, chicharrones, and spiked bacon drippings. Nothing says love like bacon!

Speaking of bacon, meet Bacon Marmalade. It’s an irresistible multi-use condiment that heightens ANYTHING you use it on. Guaranteed.

Cobra Pate welcomes special edition flavors for GFM, our favorite being Hearts Afire: Macadamia nut, red pepper, red chiles, Hawaiian sea salt. Yum.

Sigmund Pretzelshop shared their perfectly soft and chewy pretzels adorned with pink drizzle and sprinkles, how appropriate!

We love Pumpkin & Honeybunny‘s timely cards, especially the one that says “I love you more than sliced bread”.

Morta Di Fame shared her specialty: Italian Street food such as Panelle. We also can’t get enough of these magnets, his stature and passionate expression is another way of showing, love.

No one left unkissed thanks to colormekatie and her kissing-photo-booth-stage-thing-area.

Rifle Recoil and his serenade.

We hope you enjoyed the day at the market, we thought it was beautiful, every bit of it, except for of course, cleaning up the mess we made on our food beds.

More photos on our flickr, and make sure to check out the next market April 10th!


One response to “A Love-Infested Recap

  1. Those lingerie cookies were amazing, beautiful.

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