Vendor Blender: Bacon Marmalade

Hello GFM Fans!

I hope you’ve marked your calendar to check out the next round of Greenpoint Food Market APRIL 10th! It’ll be a spring awakening of sorts, and we can’t WAIT for it to get warmer. I mean, seriously. Out with the snow, in with the flowers!

Every Monday we’d like to do a special feature on our site called Vendor Blender. Try saying that five times really fast. And then read what the highlighted vendor of the week has to say about their delicious food stuffs. Our first episode features: Bacon Marmalade.

What the hell is Bacon Marmalade??

Founded in Brooklyn, NY, BaconMarmalade is your new staple, gourmet condiment. It’s everything that goes well with bacon: sugar, vinegars, spices, shallots and ciders, slow simmered with rendered bacon and some of its fat until it is the way I like it. From it’s conception on the open seas, to it’s perfection in the city that never sleeps, BaconMarmalade jars your love affair
with bacon. Sweet and sticky, tangy and meaty, the sinfully rich and utterly delicious flavors will amaze your senses and make you realize that YES, bacon can get better.

How did the inspiration of such a concoction come about?

I had an amazing job as the head chef on a yacht a couple years ago and traveled the world cooking for guests of the yacht’s owner.  My travels took me to the Mediterranean, and I soon noticed that the European bacon was missing something.  I was rendering some bacon one day and decided to add some vinegar and sugar to give it a little kick and soon had cooked a sticky,
caramelly, near-burntness, but the flavors were so good that I knew I had something tasty. I served my new bacon on some itallian tomatoes and gorganzola dolce and the American guests on the yacht loved it.   Fast forward a couple years and I found myself on a new culinary adventure in NYC.  I am the head chef to a craft service company and cook gourmet lunches for
clients around the city.  My bacon creation soon found its way onto salads and mini-sliders, stuffed into pork chops and spread onto chicken and people noticed.  I also love to cook at home and made a huge buffet for my girlfriend’s birthday party including the newly coined “BaconMarmalade” and it was a hit.  People loved it so much that they were dipping mini-corn dogs into the condiment and not stopping until the bowl of BaconMarmalade was gone.  That gave me the
inspiration to start a business.

Where do you source your ingredients?

The bacon I use comes from Model T Meats and the butcher, Louie, sources sources it from Leidy’s Bacon from Sauderton, PA. Its great bacon and it is an all natural product free from hormones and antibiotics.  Above all, it makes a great product.  The other ingredients are so simple I just get them locally from the grocery store.  Nothing fancy.

How is it made? Care to share a recipe?

I take the bacon, slice it up, render the fat out slowly and then combine the bacon with sugars, vinegars, shallots and spices until it is the mahogany color I like and the right consistency.  The slow cooking develops the rich taste I am looking for, the taste that makes people keep coming back for more!!  Each batch is made 7 lbs of bacon at a time and all hand jarred and labeled.  My girlfriend worked very hard on making the logo and designing the labels and hang tags.  She is the designer, I am the chef- A perfect team!  I think it is solid branding.

Suggestions on how to consume this beauteous product? What does it go well with? What should we NOT eat it with?

BaconMarmalade goes well with anything really.  It is so complex yet balanced with it’s flavors that it highlights all foods it pairs with.  It is great scrambled with eggs, roasted with potatoes, spread on top of any meat: steaks, burgers, pork chops, roasted chicken.  It also is perfect with vegetables that love bacon: greens, brussel sprouts, spinach, tomatoes. I use it a lot as tiny canapes in BLT bites, endive-bluecheese, and simply on toasted brioche. Avacado, watercress BLTs are heaven with a little Bacon
Marmalade spread on toasted sourdough.  It is power-packed so you don’t need a lot, unless you are like one of my friends who eats it with a spoon!
There is nothing that BaconMarmalade wont go with.  We have even heard people talk about putting a little under the chocolate in a S’more.  It might even go well on ice cream.  One of my friends from my hometown in Texas mentioned that I should make a
cream cheese frosting and add some BM to it to use in frosting cupcakes.  YUM!!

Why the decision to share your product at Greenpoint Food Market?

My girlfriend, Joanna, and I visited the Greenpoint Food Market right before Christmas and we instantly knew that we wanted to be in the next one.  We saw how accessible the market made cottage industry products and knew ours would get a good reception.  It is great to see people get excited about food, and if we can make a difference, we will be there at every market.


4 responses to “Vendor Blender: Bacon Marmalade

  1. This is the best bacon marmalade I have ever tried. Joanna and Ross had shared some of their delicious invention with my family during past Thanksgiving celebration. As a child I often enjoyed a slice of fresh baked rye bread with bacon marmalade spread on it and sprinkled with a bit of salt. Try this with a glass of beer, that’s really THE BEST.

  2. Love this bacon marmalade! I keep it under my pillow at night!

  3. I was lucky enough to enjoy this tasty concoction on a corn dog, and I couldn’t get enough!! It’s a real treat every single bite. 🙂

  4. Hello:

    I am very interested in carrying your Bacon Marmalade in our store. we are located in Chelsea Market on 14th St. I can be reached at 212-727-1111 ext.5025
    Thanks, Karen

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