Vendor Blender: Pumpkin & Honeybunny

Happy Monday GFM fans!

Mondays is a fun-filled day, if only because we feature one amazing vendor each week for you to admire and drool over. Again, a reminder, next market is April 10th and we’ve sold out of tables fast!! Look forward to tasting some delicious treats, from ice cream and biscuits to jerky and papri chaat. And now without further ado, Greenpoint Food Market is proud to present:

Pumpkin & Honeybunny

Who’s the pumpkin and who’s the honey bunny?
Erica: Pumpkin & Honey Bunny was a name I came up with when I knew I wanted to open an Etsy store. It sounds cute but it’s also an homage to Quentin Tarantino’s Pulp Fiction.

Anton: When I began experimenting with syrups and decided I wanted to sell them we thought it would be fun to team up. I then shortened it to P&H Soda Co. Now I’m in the process of incorporating under the name P&H Soda and Syrup Inc. I was trying to recapture that old New York soda fountain/luncheonette feel.

What inspired the soda and stationary?
Anton: The soda and syrup company is inspired by several things. As a chef I’m always looking for new and better flavored soda to drink. I’m also looking for something that doesn’t have the added ingredients that the mass produced soda has in it. Basically, I wanted to produce a product without the bad stuff.

As a kid I loved those neighborhood luncheonettes and soda fountains my grandfather and father would take me to.  Now a defunct concept, I think it will make a comeback with a more local and artisanal feel. The way they used to do it back in the late 1800’s and early 1900’s when there were soda fountains all over the city. I also believe that, as people progress into being more environmentally conscious they’re going to stop buying and using so much plastic. One of the directions I would like to take this is to bottle the syrups so people can make a fresh soda at home. All you need is the syrup and seltzer. Plus, who doesn’t love a fizzy flavored tasty beverage to help quench their thirst?

Erica: I’m a graphic artist and I’ve always had a love for cards and stationary. I tend to collect them even when I know they’ll never be sent. Last summer I had purchased a used Gocco on Ebay and had just started printing with it when we learned of the GFM. And since the print industry is slowly dying, this has been a way for me to keep designing without crossing over into web design. I really love the feel of print work. I like something I can hold in my hands.

Where do you guys source your ingredients?
Erica: Right now I purchase almost everything online. Gocco supplies are becoming scarce so eventually I’ll most likely have to switch over to traditional screen printing. I’m also looking to get into letterpress.

Anton: The product I buy comes from the greenmarket or from the local store. I try to buy as much organic and local product as I can. I’m also working on finding a supplier for more traceable ingredients like ginger, spices and various sweeteners.

How is it made? Care to share the recipe/process?
Erica: I tend to create my designs in Adobe Illustrator and then test them out on the POP (print on demand) site Zazzle. Then I decide which ones will work on the Gocco. It can be a little tricky at times and there have been a few mishaps.

Anton: Simple syrup and the natural flavor are all that go into the syrup. I’m using fresh fruits, herbs and spices in all of my syrups. It’s a basic combination of organic sugar and water. And I’m beginning to work on playing with different sweeteners.

What new flavors/designs are in the works?
Erica: I’ve designed new cards for Mother’s Day, Father’s Day, another wedding related piece and tags for bakers who love to share their treats. I also have a Baby Shower card with a vintage ice cream machine and a jar of pickles. I keep debating about that one. I’m not sure if enough people will get it. My most popular card design seems to be the vintage toast rack with “I Love You More Than Sliced Bread.” At the last GFM I had a customer ask me if I had one that read “I Like You More Than Sliced Bread.” Unfortunately I didn’t, but I will in time for the next market. And I’m currently looking into screen printing on other items like totes, café aprons and onesies.

Anton: I’m always coming up with new flavors as well as fun things to do with them. Usually I’m inspired by what’s available at the greenmarket. I’m looking forward to working with more herbs this summer to help highlight the fruit or spice in the beverage.

What’s the motivation to share your goods at GFM?
When we first heard about the GFM we were thrilled that there was finally a place we could begin to sell our wares without too much difficulty. The market is so accessible. It really made the process of starting out much easier. And we’ve met so many great people there! It’s a great networking environment. We all want to help each out whenever possible.

Any tips for aspiring soda makers/crafters?

Don’t let fear stand in your way! Keep it real and do what you love!


2 responses to “Vendor Blender: Pumpkin & Honeybunny

  1. This is Great ……it’s wonderful, I’m so happy for you both.

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