Vendor Blender: Cobra Pate

Hello GFM fans!

We hope you enjoyed a glorious weekend. It was near torture thinking summer was so close, yet so far.

We’re spending the week stretching our legs for the bike ride, designing postcards, looking for bands to perform, and figuring out how to fit all our vendors in the church for the market April 10th. Prepare yourself for the spring awakening of your life!

Until then, enjoy today’s Vendor Blender, courtesy the silly film collective/master vegan pate makers:  Cobra Pate.

What the hell is cobra pate?
Awesome sauce for your next ninja bedtime love fiesta.

How’d you come up with the name?
The Goddamn Cobras’ hot films don’t make themseles – this is our preferred fuel source.

How did the inspiration of such a vegan concoction come about?
Jables learned the art of pâté making from a noble pâté rajguru, who taught him to source local ingredients from small farms and his own garden. After traveling around the world and living on a cashew ashram in Ecuador, Jables ended up back in New York at an opportune time, when there is a revived demand for fresh, local, creative food.

Where do you source your ingredients?
From the shores of the Pacific, to the trees of Vermont, to the Rooftops of Greenpoint.

How is it made? Care to share a recipe?
Here in the Cobra Den, every one of the pâtés is made with a generous helping of Cobra Magic. We start with raw, organic tree nuts and add rich, delicious locally grown veggies & the world’s must alluring spices to make every Cobra Bite uncommonly good.

Suggestions of how to consume this goodie?
Via body shot, via web chat, via mouth to mouth.

Any new flavors at your beckon call?
SECRETS ARE FOR BEING SECRET. Come to the next Greenpoint Food Market to uncover the riddle!

Why the decision to share your product at GFM?
Why wear sexy clothes? Why hang out with the cool kids? Why make out with the hotties? Do these questions really need to be asked?


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