Spring Awakening: April 10th!

Greetings friends of Greenpoint Food Market!

We hope you are staying high and dry during Spring’s glorious love showers and celebrating the season for renewal, growth, and life.

April 10th, we will present the next market with uncontainable excitement as we present SPRING AWAKENING. Join us for a hippiefied day of flowers, patchouli, butterflies and eat some vegan granola bars!

This just might be our BIGGEST market day yet, the church will be PACKED with all sorts of goodies from ice cream to pork buns, vegan pate to bacon marmalade. People’s Champs will be performing between 2 – 3pm, mixing jazz, soul, funk, hip-hop, dub and samba to create new hybrids. Fellow Greenpointer Cowboy Mark will be at the makeshift dj booth pumpin’ some beats.

It is PIVOTAL that we see you at GFM on April 10th. We thrive on your curiosity, your hunger, your tastebuds, and your support. Please go on and SPREAD the love to all your friends and family. Join our FACEBOOK group if you haven’t done so already, an event invite has been set up there as well.

And below is a full roster of vendors you’ll find sharing their homemade deliciousness at Greenpoint Food Market. YUM.

Thank you and see you then!

Anarchy in a Jar
Brooklyn Brine
Taza Chocolate
Arirang Kimchi
Red Cook
Green Pirate Juice Truck
Bacon Marmalade
Marshmallow Crack
Bullfrog Eats
Electric Blue Baking
Milkmade Ice Cream
Sandwich Friend
Crazy, Salty, Sweet
Lizzie Biscuits
Rapscallion Cultured Vegetables
Token Confections
Sourpuss Pickles
Kings County Jerky Co.
Cobra Pate
The Soup Spoon
Regal Vegan
Bean & Apple
Morta di Fame
Creme Fatale
La Tia Faby
Fanny & Jane
Afternoon Delights
DP Chutney Collective
Wee Bites
Molly’s Chocolates
Pumpkin & Honeybunny
Banchan Terroir
Woodside Bakehouse
Goobie Dust Confections
Lidzertort Bakery
You Can’t Eat Bread!?
I Heart Keenwah
Nuts + Nuts

Baked by Bub

Victory Garden NYC


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