Vendor Blender: Mombucha

Hello lovers of Greenpoint Food Market!

We are one day behind in featuring this week’s vendor for our weekly vendor blender. Hope you will forgive us for the delay. Please gather and welcome Mombucha.

What is Mombucha?

Mombucha is my little renegade home-brewed kombucha operation.  I’ve basically figured out a way to brew up to 20 small batches of kombucha in my kitchen and then bottle them in liter bottles for the people in the neighborhood.  I’ve been BLESSED to have the opportunity to sell at the Greenpoint Food Market and now I do home deliveries once a week for all my little Mombuchkins.

How did the inspiration for it come about?

My mom’s really the main inspiration for all this, hence the name “Mombucha.”  She’s been brewing this funky stuff for us since we were kids and I HATED it but later in my adulthood starting wondering why I wasn’t getting sick anymore and realized it was from drinking this stuff daily.

Where do you source your ingredients?

I use a very specific medicinal recipe handed down from my mom’s mushroom guru, Ruth, whose daughter relies on kombucha to stay alive.  She has an incurable liver disease and the cleansing property in kombucha is the only treatment that seems to work.  So basically I use bottled distilled water (from wherever sells it the cheapest), organic sugar, and PG Tips brand black tea.  That’s pretty much all you need to make this stuff, that and a starter culture which was handed down from my mom.  After you make your first successful batch, you can subdivide the culture and start multiplying  it for more and more brews.

Can you share the process? Perhaps a recipe?

I can share the process because it’s sooooo simple.

1.) Boil 3 quarts of distilled water.
2.) Add 2-3 cups of organic cane sugar to the boiling water and let it boil for 5 minutes.
3.) Turn off the heat and add 4 tea bags.
4.) Steep and let cool and transfer the sugary brew into a 4 quart pyrex bowl.
5.) Once the brew has cooled to room temperature, add 4 ounces of a previous batch of kombucha and your culture.
6.) Cover with an old t-shirt secured with an elastic band and put it away in a well-ventilated, warm, dark place.  The cultures are like plants but without the sunlight.  They prefer humid warm places with lots of room to breathe.  I know a lot of people who put their batches in their cupboards which definitely works.  I have mine on top of my kitchen cabinetry with a humidifier and space heater going to regulate the temperature and humidity at all times.

What does Mombucha go well with? what does it NOT go well with?

Mombucha is best just on it’s own.  Since it’s unfiltered, undiluted, unpasteurized, raw kombucha, we recommend one only drink 4 ounces of it per day in the morning on an empty stomach.  Since there is a trace amount of alcohol in it (.5-1.5%), I’ve mixed some insanely delicious kombucha cocktails using bourbon, whiskey, and scotch.  I’ve also used Mombucha to deglaze a pan as the base of a chicken stew I was making.  The alcohol in the Mombucha worked just like wine and gave the stew a fantastic savory sweetness.  I’ve heard of people using the cultures as soap and even to make fabric!

What are the benefits of Mombucha?

There are SO many benefits to drinking Mombucha but since the FDA doesn’t quite know what to make of the stuff, there haven’t been very many tests done to verify these purported benefits.  The main benefits are that it helps your liver clean your blood, lowers your cholesterol, gives you the daily B vitamins you need, regulates your digestion, helps your skin and nails, and gives you a totally awesome kick in the morning.  There’s a whole big repost of the kombucha wiki on my site for all the benefits and scientific analysis and even risks.

Why the decision to share Mombucha at GFM?

Not too much thinking required to wanting to be part of the grooviest food market in the Northeast!  I’m a resident of Greenpoint so I wanted to get in front of my neighbors and spread the good health vibes to those around me.  I’m in the process of expanding the reach of Mombucha but I’ll always opt for manning the booth at the GFM no matter how big I get (((crosses fingers))).  Anyway, come see me there on April 10th or email for a try!

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