Vendor Blender: Skimkim

Happy End of Monday folks! We’re a bit late in the Vendor Blender game but when you’re starring at trees upstate taking a much needed break from the awesome craziness that was this past Saturday then you’ll forgive us as we do nothing but lay around and watch this gigantic turtle creep on by from one point of the backyard forest to the other.

We hope you were able to stop by and get all gluttonous, it sure was a feast for us. We’ll follow up with a recap of the madness shortly. Til then, we are very proud to present the one and only, major kickass foodstordinare Skimkim!

What is Skimkim?
Skimkim makes quality food using fresh, seasonal ingredients with flavors from all over the world: The South, Korea, Scotland, and Ireland. It’s in our blood! Our packaged goods range from inventive kimchees and vinaigrettes to spicy kettle popcorn and homemade flavored butters. In addition to our packaged goods, we also focus on the lifestyle associated with fine food and drink. Through strategic web-based placement, the art of food writing comes to life with Skimkim. We are honest, experienced, and educated in our art and endeavor to spread the word, one bite at a time.

How did the inspiration for it come about?
I hated my life as an art director. I have been cooking since I was a little girl and it just sort of happened. We started out as a catering company and it’s evolved into putting me (the half korean scotch irish redneck) and my favorite flavors into a jar.

Where do you source your ingredients?

I get most of my ingredients from the local markets. I’ve been growing herbs at home lately which I’m so stoked about. I did a cocktail party last weekend with all my own herbs!

What is your favorite and can you share a recipe?

I came up with Kimchee Butter a while ago but it still kills anything out there that I’ve tried. Here’s my fav application: grilled cheddar cheese sammy with candied bacon and heirloom tomato. I did it for an event when we were doing catering and it blew everyone away. These things are my weakness.

What do your goods go well with? What does it NOT go well with?

EVERYTHING. The butters make eggs a drool worthy meal, not just, eh. I like searing meats with the butters, too. And just smearing them on quality baguette. Nothing better. Butter is the goddamned best ingredient ever. The Asian Green Goddess can be used as a marinade or a salad dressing. I throw hanger steak in that stuff overnight and grill it the next day. It’s ridick.

What do you when you’re not skimkim-ing?

Ha. I’m never not Skimkimming. Everything I do, I do with my brand in mind. For the future. I am sous chef at a restaurant in the city, Tablespoon. I Dj at least twice a week. I write my blog, and contribute to others: M.I.S.S., Blac Renderings. I cater private parties, both food and drink (I’m a genius at alcohol, too). I’ve been producing some music, as of late. And I watch Lost and kiss Elijah Craig The Dog, my little Homey Mini-Daschund.

Why the decision to share at GFM?
I sold Skimkim at other markets and I knew that GFM would be the right demographic for us. The people that stroll through the church are looking for innovation, quality and thoughtfulness. No one just does strawberry jam. All of the vendors really go all out to make lasting impressions on the potential customers. I consider them peers and I’m grateful for them.


5 responses to “Vendor Blender: Skimkim

  1. Great GFM! Really awesome vendors. I like that there is more take-out stuff. Everything was delicious. Did you try the risoles? Holy cow! So good. Great job! You deserve a break. Turtle around.

  2. It should be nloted my Green Goddess dressing has never actually made it to a salad. It is so good I will admit I have eaten it with a spoon or at best dipped bread in it. Yumtown.

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