Picnic in the Park Recap


Thank you SOOOOOOOOOOO much to all the folks who came out on Saturday for the “Picnic in the Park” edition of  Greenpoint Food Market. And huge big ups to all the 47 vendors cramped together behind the tables bearing (baring?) the insanity and heat, selling their orgasmic food wares. We are so grateful to see the market gradually growing month by month, garnering the support and gaining an ever irresistible gastronomic versatility. Thank you, we love you.

Saturday was pretty awesome, it was a beautiful day to sample and “take out” a mix of sweet and savory goods. The heat was a bit flustering and a major newspaper’s attendance interviewing everyone made us pee our pants a little. If you missed what was a near perfect day here’s a highlight of what you could have treated yourself to. Also look out for the next market June 26th when the craziness happens all over again!

Customized chocolate bars from Chocri. A constellation of sweet sweet flavors abound.

Assorted blends of Mombucha.

Ice cream float with ice cream by Milkmade and soda by P&H Soda and Syrup.

Aviation Pickled Pears by Anarchy in a Jar.

Veggies from Rooftop Farms.

Nutella Crumb loaves from Canary Yellow Kitchen.

Quesadillas con Arroz y Frijoles from Rapscallion Cultured Vegetables.

Korean BBQ Bulgogi flavored jerky by Kings County Jerky Co.

Spicy Baby Tomato Pizzette by Electric Blue Baking.

Boiled peanuts by Dixie Spanish.

Indian taco spread by Masala Loca.

Mini rhubarb tart by Small Scale Foods.

Empanadas by Empanadas dpm

Cupcakes by Robicelli’s.

Raccoon Fighter

Check out more pics on our flickr page. See you JUNE 26th!


2 responses to “Picnic in the Park Recap

  1. Hi! I have been looking for a spot like this for a while now! Could you put me in contact with the organizer. I would love a chance to sell my sandwiches there. I make all organic, local, sustainable sandwiches and sauces. You can contact me at caracapello@gmail.com


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