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R.I.P. Greenpoint Food Market, For Now.

Dear Friends and Fans of Greenpoint Food Market,

We regrettably announce the sad and unfortunate death of Greenpoint Food Market. The tumultuous shitshow of a ride we’ve experienced over the last couple of months have dealt us quite a blow and we marketeers and vendors are working out the kinks to potentially resurrect the market come September.

The most pressing challenge is for all the homemakers to find and pay for a certified kitchen to produce their food. There are  two available rental kitchens in the area and both are none the cheap. Under new participating requirements vendors are not only required to produce from a certified kitchen but would need to be incorporated and insuranced to use the facility. This on top of permits and certificates from the city health dept makes it one knotty intimidating venture, especially considering vendors rarely break even at GFM. It’s really all beside the point. GFM functions first and foremost out of a love and support for folks to share food, foster and cultivate a community, and secondly function as a nesting ground for artisanal food entrepreneurs to strengthen their wings and fly off to a bigger and wider world of opportunities and dreams fulfilled.

In the next couple months we will focus mainly on opening an incubator kitchen in Greenpoint. Right now we are fine tuning budgets, non-profit/for-profit legal structures, location searching, and researching all available resources from small business economic organizations and federal grants and private foundations and whathaveyou. If you are reading this and can lend a hand in any shape or form, we’ll hold it and kiss it and appreciate it. The next couple months will also give vendors time to inquire within and make some serious decisions as to whether or not their foodventure is worth making legit and if it’ll really take them somewhere. It’s a serious risk but what the hell is the point of living if you don’t take some risks eh?!

So without further ado, Greenpoint Food Market thanks ALL vendors and ALL friends and ALL fans for all the love and support you’ve shown us so far. We hope to get all our shit together very soon and rise from the dead stronger, healthier, tastier, and just plain kickass.


Think Tank Potluck Recap

Dear Beloved Fans of GFM,

We hope you are staying cool and tanned in this ridiculously heated weather!

We’d like send a huge THANK YOU to everyone who attended THINK TANK POTLUCK on June 26th. It was a house full of curious and inquisitive supporters from unlicensed vendors to GFM enthusiasts, food businesses to economic development organizations. Many topics were covered, including going over existing regulations and the possibilities of making amendments as well as the most pressing issue of opening an incubator kitchen for vendors to produce their goods. The fact alone that we were able to bring the NYC Dept of Health, NYS Agriculture & Markets, Council Member Steve Levin and other panelists together in one room alongside the mass of vendors was groundbreaking and we couldn’t be more grateful for the opportunity to initiate conversation. There were no clear solutions to challenges that all small batch food producers face and it’s only the beginning of a long bumpy ride towards amending policies, opening an incubator kitchen, and doing all we can to provide necessary resources for small food businesses to start and flourish.

The most pressing issue discussed at the conference was the requirement that all food produced and sold be made in a certified commercial kitchen. This creates a major challenge as majority of the vendors at GFM are first time sellers and the market functions as a testing ground, sharing products with the community and receiving feedback in order to determine whether or not the vendors have a viable product that they can potentially consider starting a small batch food business with. Considering the majority are neither established nor licensed it is very difficult to find a certified kitchen to rent when insurance, dba, and licenses must be acquired before using the facility. Profit margins in participating at the market come no where near overhead costs, especially considering it is upwards of $200 for a single shift in a rental kitchen.

There are multiple temporary solutions that vendors and the market can go about in order to participate and share their products. Vendors can give away samples and not sell, find others to share a day working in a rental kitchen and split costs, find a local church whose kitchen is up to code and donate funds to produce in there, and collaborate with a restaurant to use their facilities during off hours. One thing vendors are learning is that it certainly isn’t FREE to participate and grow as a business. The most difficult part about GFM itself opening its doors is that a majority of the vendors are not ready to legitimize their product and requiring them to do so kills the market’s mission of supporting locally made, HOMEMADE food products that are shared with the community.

This then comes down to one sad and sobering fact. Although we’ve set a tentative date to open the market July 24th where vendors must follow requirements in order to participate, there is little chance that we’ll have more than a dozen vendors who are willing and able to put up with the overhead costs of producing in a kitchen. We will know better in the next couple days if we can accumulate enough vendors to set up shop this month, if not, GFM will most likely close its doors until further notice.

This goes on to the next fact, which is more promising and not as sad. At the conference we discussed the possibilities of opening a non-profit/for-profit cooperative incubator kitchen here in Greenpoint, a facility that will allow any number of vendors to produce their goods in and pay a low membership fee in exchange for teaching classes and workshops and helping maintain the front of the house daily market. The market will be stocked up with shelf upon shelf, table upon table of goodies produced in house by these vendors who are also more than welcome to produce to sell at other sites. Consumers would also be able pay membership fees to receive discounts on items and classes. This model is a complicated business venture but something that is greatly supported by the city and is very much in need by all the small batch food start ups running rampant throughout Brooklyn alone. With the help of some local funding, federal and foundation grants, and EVERYONE’s unconditional love and support we will be able to open this cooperative kitchen and thrive as a small and cozy community of self-sustaining small businesses.

From here on, there will be much contact behind the scenes and we will provide as much updates as it comes along. As of now, the next GFM is very tentative and we can only pray that vendors get their paperwork together to sell at GFM. If NOT, then we will let the market rest in peace and hibernate until it transmutates into a beautiful new community-supporting medium.

Below are the resource documents we had for vendors which we quickly ran out of.

Mi Kitchen Es Su Kitchen Resource

Creative Marketing Workshops Resource

Greenpoint Food Market Resources

Below is audio recording of the conference in 3 parts for those who missed the potluck. Courtesy Goddamn Cobras.

Part 1

Part 2

Part 3

Also check out our flickr page for more photos, also courtesy Goddamn Cobras.

June 26th: Think Tank Potluck

Dear Greenpoint Food Market Fans,

We hope this finds you well. We have some sober news, the next market which was slated for June 26th has been cancelled. In it’s stead we will present Think Tank Potluck. Here is why:

Since in inception last fall Greenpoint Food Market has been functioning a bit underground, accentuating the neighborly and community based, specially focusing on food that is literally homemade by individuals interested in perfecting their special recipes and sharing it with everyone. A couple weeks ago there was an article in New York Times that put GFM on a much wider map and inevitably, put us on radar with the officials. Since then we have gone back and forth with the city trying to find a solution to how the market can keep its mission while adhering to rules and regulations.

The market will never be the same. It will expand to a much wider audience (we received fan mail from Canada, Brazil, and even Iceland!), all food will now be produced from a certified commercial kitchen and each vendor will be food protection certified and permitted for each participating market. This requires not only time to make visits to city hall every month but money to find a kitchen to make the food. In order to give all our vendors the opportunity to figure out all the paperwork we will host Think Tank Potluck to address the much wider issue all this presents and open it to the public so that everyone might have the opportunity to not only be familiar with the struggles small food businesses are facing but to help us as we make an effort to request changes in legislation and potentially open our very own incubator kitchen.

Please join us June 26th, 1pm at the Church of Messiah as we commence for Think Tank Potluck. It will be an open discussion where vendors can meet the public, questions can be asked, changes can be requested, and food can be shared. We would love to see everyone walk in with a very delicious dish. More than anything, we need EVERYONE’s support and attendance to exemplify how pivotal the food movement is within a failing economy, what business opportunities it offers, and how the lack of resources hinder individuals from pursuing their food dreams. We hope to see you there, hungry and curious. Please do RSVP to so we have a general headcount.

Topics to discuss include:
– How you know when you’ve got a viable product to start a small food business with.
– How to figure out city codes and regulations.
– How to tap into available commercial kitchen resources.
– What changes need to be made in legislation to make it more accessible to food start ups with high overhead and low profit margins.
– How possible it would be to run a non-profit incubator kitchen funded and supported by local gov that all vendors can use and can host GFM (long term project).

Speakers in the panel include:
– A rep from Dept of Health
– Council member Stephen Levin

– Harry and Taylor of Brooklyn Kitchen

– Rich Awn of Mombucha
– Kelly Geary of Sweet Deliverance
– Terry Frishman of Creative Marketing Workshops

– Jessamyn Waldman of Hot Bread Kitchen

– Joshua Kace of Slantshack Jerky
– Allison Robicelli of Robicelli’s
– Shamus Jones of Brooklyn Brine
– Danielle Gould of Brooklyn Food Coalition

Thank you for all the love and support you’ve shown Greenpoint Food Market so far. It brings tears to our eyes, seriously.

Please also join our facebook group for more updates and announcements!

Best regards,
Greenpoint Food Market

Picnic in the Park Recap


Thank you SOOOOOOOOOOO much to all the folks who came out on Saturday for the “Picnic in the Park” edition of  Greenpoint Food Market. And huge big ups to all the 47 vendors cramped together behind the tables bearing (baring?) the insanity and heat, selling their orgasmic food wares. We are so grateful to see the market gradually growing month by month, garnering the support and gaining an ever irresistible gastronomic versatility. Thank you, we love you.

Saturday was pretty awesome, it was a beautiful day to sample and “take out” a mix of sweet and savory goods. The heat was a bit flustering and a major newspaper’s attendance interviewing everyone made us pee our pants a little. If you missed what was a near perfect day here’s a highlight of what you could have treated yourself to. Also look out for the next market June 26th when the craziness happens all over again!

Customized chocolate bars from Chocri. A constellation of sweet sweet flavors abound.

Assorted blends of Mombucha.

Ice cream float with ice cream by Milkmade and soda by P&H Soda and Syrup.

Aviation Pickled Pears by Anarchy in a Jar.

Veggies from Rooftop Farms.

Nutella Crumb loaves from Canary Yellow Kitchen.

Quesadillas con Arroz y Frijoles from Rapscallion Cultured Vegetables.

Korean BBQ Bulgogi flavored jerky by Kings County Jerky Co.

Spicy Baby Tomato Pizzette by Electric Blue Baking.

Boiled peanuts by Dixie Spanish.

Indian taco spread by Masala Loca.

Mini rhubarb tart by Small Scale Foods.

Empanadas by Empanadas dpm

Cupcakes by Robicelli’s.

Raccoon Fighter

Check out more pics on our flickr page. See you JUNE 26th!

Picnic in the Park: May 22nd!

Greetings dear friends of Greenpoint Food Market!

The month of May is whizzing by right before our eyes and we MUST share our excitement for summer. The outdoor concerts, the beach, the stink of garbage and toxic waste, the sticky skin touching you in the subway, pale skins and painfully scantily dressed revelers. We. Can’t. Wait. Last month we celebrated with a Spring Awakening, this month we’ve created the theme A Picnic in the Park to share the awesomeness of warm weather in combination with some delicious foodstuffs. (thank you Skimkim for the idea!) The market is hosted by the Church of Messiah, situated right across the street from the ever beautiful McGolrick Park and we would love to see you walk in, grab some goodies and take a stroll around the park and enjoy your edible purchases. Bring a blanket, bring a frisbee, bring suntan lotion, and bring a fork!

We are very proud to announce what will be an amazing performance by Raccoon Fighter at 3pm!

We are too grateful and ecstatic to present a whopping 47 vendors this month, all hail from various ends of the food spectrum, guaranteeing to gratify cravings for every taste bud you possess. Below is a roster of what you’ll find, please take a moment to SPREAD the love, your kind words and anticipation is what makes this market function!

Join the facebook group, share the invite, and loosen that belt! See you May 22nd!


You Can’t Eat Bread!?

Canary Yellow Kitchen

Woodside Bakehouse

Electric Blue Baking

Sweeties New York  Pastry Co.

Tempeh Brooklyn

Kombucha Brooklyn

A Park

Masala Loca

Dixie Spanish

Mama O’s Kimchee

Baked by Bub

Red Cook

I Heart Keenwah

Milkmade Ice Cream


Granola Lab


Fanny & Jane

DP Chutney Collective

Wee Bites

Sourpuss Pickles

La Tia Faby

Bean & Apple

Sweetie Pies Brooklyn

Empanadas DPM

Lizzie Biscuits

Cobra Pate

Kings County Jerky Co.

Nuts + Nuts

Mother’s Irish Bread Muffins

Luminous Kitchen

Small Scale Foods

Pumpkin & Honeybunny


Janet’s Rum Cakes



Molly’s Chocolates

Anarchy in a Jar

Brooklyn Brine

Rapscallion Cultured Vegetables

Token Confections

Cheshire Canning

Sam + Savi

Regal Vegan

Eagle Street Rooftop Farm

Enlightenment Wines

Spring Awakening Recap

Greetings Sun Blushed Fans of GFM!

We cannot doubt you have done nothing but relish in the gleaming sun this weekend, not to mention shining in the afterglow of eating way too many delicious goodies at Saturday’s market! We were completely astounded, and slightly claustrophobed by the enormous turnout. Blessed and grateful are we. We cannot thank you enough for the support you have been showing GFM thus far, giving our homey vendors the opportunity to share their cherished recipes with the community, all building that needed support for self-sufficiency, sustainability, and success!

And we will now announce THE NEXT MARKET : MAY 22nd!

MARK YOUR CALENDARS and please spread the word! Separate post and facebook invite will be created shortly. Have you also joined our facebook group yet? If not, please do and share the love and gluttony!

And without further ado, a short photo recap of what we consumed is below. Check our flickr page for more and see you May 22nd!

Mushroom, pesto cashew ricotta, and sundried tomato Pizette by Electric Blue Baking

Hot Fireman’s Pear Jam with chipotle by Anarchy in a Jar

Wasabi Sunseed vegan pate by Cobra Pate

Pulled pork buns by Red Cook

Variety of onigiri flavors by Creme

Spring themed cookies by Sugarbuilt

Stout and Peanut Butter ice cream by Milkmade Ice Cream

Delicious and healthy as hell Sandwiches by Sandwich Friend

Kimchi and Beef empanadas by La Tia Faby

Spicy bacon marmalade. Need we say more?

Lavender Meringues by Baked by Bub

Breathkilling Kimchi by Banchan Terroir

Refreshing Jalapeno Agave Butter by Skimkim

Soda flavors of all kind by Pumpkin & Honeybunny

Gluten free ginger cupcakes with lime curd and coconut frosting by You Can’t Eat Bread?!

An AMAZING performance by The People’s Champs

Spring Awakening: April 10th!

Greetings friends of Greenpoint Food Market!

We hope you are staying high and dry during Spring’s glorious love showers and celebrating the season for renewal, growth, and life.

April 10th, we will present the next market with uncontainable excitement as we present SPRING AWAKENING. Join us for a hippiefied day of flowers, patchouli, butterflies and eat some vegan granola bars!

This just might be our BIGGEST market day yet, the church will be PACKED with all sorts of goodies from ice cream to pork buns, vegan pate to bacon marmalade. People’s Champs will be performing between 2 – 3pm, mixing jazz, soul, funk, hip-hop, dub and samba to create new hybrids. Fellow Greenpointer Cowboy Mark will be at the makeshift dj booth pumpin’ some beats.

It is PIVOTAL that we see you at GFM on April 10th. We thrive on your curiosity, your hunger, your tastebuds, and your support. Please go on and SPREAD the love to all your friends and family. Join our FACEBOOK group if you haven’t done so already, an event invite has been set up there as well.

And below is a full roster of vendors you’ll find sharing their homemade deliciousness at Greenpoint Food Market. YUM.

Thank you and see you then!

Anarchy in a Jar
Brooklyn Brine
Taza Chocolate
Arirang Kimchi
Red Cook
Green Pirate Juice Truck
Bacon Marmalade
Marshmallow Crack
Bullfrog Eats
Electric Blue Baking
Milkmade Ice Cream
Sandwich Friend
Crazy, Salty, Sweet
Lizzie Biscuits
Rapscallion Cultured Vegetables
Token Confections
Sourpuss Pickles
Kings County Jerky Co.
Cobra Pate
The Soup Spoon
Regal Vegan
Bean & Apple
Morta di Fame
Creme Fatale
La Tia Faby
Fanny & Jane
Afternoon Delights
DP Chutney Collective
Wee Bites
Molly’s Chocolates
Pumpkin & Honeybunny
Banchan Terroir
Woodside Bakehouse
Goobie Dust Confections
Lidzertort Bakery
You Can’t Eat Bread!?
I Heart Keenwah
Nuts + Nuts

Baked by Bub

Victory Garden NYC

A Love-Infested Recap

Hello Lovers of Greenpoint Food Market!

Thank you SO MUCH to EVERYONE who came out this past Saturday to the market. We are still SWOONING in remnants of the gastronomic love affair that ensued, our mouths and bellies riding on the bed of gratified indulgence. It was a PACKED HOUSE with vendors from all over the local arena flaunting their covetous foodstuffs, tenderly made in their love shacks for us to share and appreciate. Colormekatie clicked away on her camera as we voyeuristically peeped lovers doing their thang at the kissing photo booth stage thing area. Our knees were weakened when Rifle Recoil performed his serenade, his voice reaching ridiculously high octaves executed with piercing perfection. The combined beat boxing and multi-layered sound mixing confirmed he is indeed a one man wonderband. DJ Jimmy T played some tunes to get out giddy toes a poppin’, bringing back old school flair with class and wit. Beside the accumulation of hearts dangling everywhere there were drawings, paintings, and prints of artwork expressing an appreciation for food and the fun and creative things you can do with it.

Check our flickr page for images of all goodies we consumed. And below, a highlight of our escapade:

The most representative of our food affair theme was Sugarbuilt‘s lingerie cookie series. So sexy.

Anarchy in a Jar and Mama O’s Kimchee come together to “bring you an aphrodisiac of mythical proportions”. They had an affair and made a baby called Jamchi. What a great pair!

Slankshack Jerky: The official jerky of  love.

Sandwich Friend‘s Lonely Hearts Club is a riff on your dull club sandwich with chipotle carrots, chicharrones, and spiked bacon drippings. Nothing says love like bacon!

Speaking of bacon, meet Bacon Marmalade. It’s an irresistible multi-use condiment that heightens ANYTHING you use it on. Guaranteed.

Cobra Pate welcomes special edition flavors for GFM, our favorite being Hearts Afire: Macadamia nut, red pepper, red chiles, Hawaiian sea salt. Yum.

Sigmund Pretzelshop shared their perfectly soft and chewy pretzels adorned with pink drizzle and sprinkles, how appropriate!

We love Pumpkin & Honeybunny‘s timely cards, especially the one that says “I love you more than sliced bread”.

Morta Di Fame shared her specialty: Italian Street food such as Panelle. We also can’t get enough of these magnets, his stature and passionate expression is another way of showing, love.

No one left unkissed thanks to colormekatie and her kissing-photo-booth-stage-thing-area.

Rifle Recoil and his serenade.

We hope you enjoyed the day at the market, we thought it was beautiful, every bit of it, except for of course, cleaning up the mess we made on our food beds.

More photos on our flickr, and make sure to check out the next market April 10th!

GFM : A Food Affair : Feb 13th!

Hello GFM fans!

After a month hiatus we are happy to return with full force, preparing for the next food market to be held February 13th!

It will be a Valentines Day Extravaganza of sorts, a celebration of all that is nauseating and lovey dovey, highlighting the holiday with a cascade of heart pins, heart on strings, red-tinted EVERYTHING and a kissing photo booth!

The day will feature a cascade of lovely treats: from aphrodisiac inspired recipes to heart shaped cookies, a photo kissing booth courtesy fellow Greenpointers Color Me Katie and Hyla Skopitz, a secret foodmirer bulletin board to share your food crushes and indulgences, and a heart-hunt: find the heart, win a GFM goodie bag. We are also very pleased to present music  by DJ Jimmy T and a performance by Rifle Recoil @ 3pm. We are also grateful to add to a growing list of food-related artworks by artists Jessie Oleson and Jesse Kuhn who will share a few prints on food and love!

Check the faceboook invite here, and join the group if you haven’t already! And spread the love!

And now a roster of all the love infested goodies you’ll find at the market:

– Ricochilito: pickled chipotle peppers

iheartkeenwah: quinoa mix

Token Confections: caramel

Sandwich Friend: sandwiches

– A Park: baked goods

Woodside Bakehouse: vegan granola bars

Afternoon Delights: scones, cupcakes, and tea

Pumpkin & Honeybunny: soda and cards

Planet Fruton: iced tea

Anarchy in a Jar: jam

Sourpuss Pickles: pickles

– Coquette Catering: baked goods and sweets

Bacon Marmalade: bacon marmalade

Morta di Fame: Sicilian street food

The Soup Spoon: soup

Kombucha Brooklyn: kombucha

Brooklyn Brine: pickles

– Wee Bites: mini baked goods

La Tia Faby: empanadas and baked goods

Sweetie Pies Brooklyn: sweet and savory pies

Cobra Pate: vegan pate

DP Chutney Collective: chutney

Taza Chocolate: chocolate

– Molly’s Chocolates: chocolate

Bean & Apple: sweet sauces and baked goods

Mombucha: kombucha

– Mill Hollow Maple: honey

Cakes Confidential: cake and decorating kits

Skimkim: spreads, butters, and specialty sauces

Arirang Kimchi: kimchi

Janet’s Rum Cakes: jamaican rum cakes

Hale Seitan: seitan and pate

Sugarbuilt: decorative cookies

Mama O’s Kimchee: kimchi

Slantshack Jerky: jerky

Milkmade Ice Cream: ice cream

Sigmund Pretzel Shop: pretzels

– Korean BBQ made by GFM organizer’s stepmama!

Holiday Foodtacular Recap!

Our headquarters laptop is finally functioning again and we’d like to thank Santa for not obliterating our data and pictures so that we might share the spectacular FOODtacular that occurred here at Greenpoint Food Market last week!

Cut out snowflakes, santa hats, gift wrapping, and music (no holiday tunes, thank god) abounded inside the Church of Messiah and we are grateful to all the folks who came out despite the threat of an oncoming snow storm, (which are only now starting to disintegrate) meandering through the isles shopping for their beloveds with pickles, jam, cookies, chocolate and beyond. We loved the high energy holiday spirit which just seemed to make everyone nicer than usual. Here are some pictures if you missed out!

Ricochilito’s pickled chipotle peppers makes its debut at GFM.

Slantshack Jerky sold out their two flavors of chewy jerky before we could take some shots here’s their sticker planted on the buxom chest of one of the founders.

We love Sourpuss Pickles‘ new do. O and their pickles are pretty delicious.

Our neighbors at Rooftop Farms joined us sharing some produce and pickled jars from the farm as well as some awesome t-shirts and bags.

Kor d’Oeuvres shares his infamous dips from (our favorite) spinach & artichoke dip to the world’s greatest onion dip.

Mama O’s bokchoy kimchee is a perfect combo of crunch, chew, tart, sour and spice. It goes really well chopped and added to your morning eggs. Make sure to brush your teeth promptly after though.

These peppermint-chocolate candy cane sandwich cookies from You Can’t Eat Bread? summarized the holiday in one spiked bite.

Sarah’s Cherry Brandy Christmas Fruit Cakes were softly intoxicating.

The Regal Vegan‘s Faux Gras lets you eat with decadence without gaining an extra layer of blubber.

We are wholeheartedly obsessed with Bean & Apple’s Oreo Cookie Cookies. Obsessed.

Janet’s Rum Cakes is family run and have been passed down a couple generations, now available for everyone to enjoy its luscious, soft, moist body in every bite.

Cobra Pate brought it in a new flavor this time around, the ginger carrot cashew. It was super flavorful and punchy.

A Park’s green tea macaroons were out of this world, as was her raisin bread. Green tea as dessert should be the next new big thing. Green tea ice cream, green tea macaroons, green tea tiramisu, green tea cannolis, green tea crepes, green tea…

We love Sandwich Friend’s scandalous sandwich titles as much as we enjoy eating them. The saucy tempehtress has veggies, tempeh, pickles, and laid on sesame buns. It was light but filling.

Lindzertort Bakery’s Rugelach. Say no more.

The DP Chutney Collective offers an endless variety of chutneys from pineapple and coconut to chili pepper and apple-quince.

Sugarbuilt’s snowflakes made our eyes gleam and glitter. And we are oh so proud of her iron clad cookies featured in Edible Brooklyn.

Woodside Bakehouse’s granola is so chewy and delicious, we enjoyed ours with a glass of raw milk from Connecticut.

Brooklyn Brine’s single serve pickles were the perfect accompaniment to the saucy tempehtress.

Mini apple and pumpkin pies from Tiny Pies for You!

Kombucha Brooklyn’s new flavors Straight Up and Urban Passion.

We loved By The Hearth‘s allergy free baked goods packaged in little gingerbread men, so holiday-licious!

These brownies by Abby’s Bakery were fudgy and blended right with your tongue. Delicious.

La Bella Torte went all out, showering us with a variety of Italian pastries.

We heart keen-wah. Period.

Pumpkin & Honeybunny was the perfect source for your holiday cards.

We are up for some skimkim‘s mean green skimchee any time of day.

Vivana’s organic vegan pate and crackers were the perfect appetizers for our holiday party. Rich, textural, and filling!

Mombucha returned with two new flavors with tea and awesomeness. Their new t-shirts are pretty sweet too.

We loved all the tunes DJ Jimmy T provided on the record, thank you!

Lastly, many thanks to Colin for playing and singing some amazing tunes! He was accompanied by a tap dancer that took the stage and blew us away. Thank you!