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A Love-Infested Recap

Hello Lovers of Greenpoint Food Market!

Thank you SO MUCH to EVERYONE who came out this past Saturday to the market. We are still SWOONING in remnants of the gastronomic love affair that ensued, our mouths and bellies riding on the bed of gratified indulgence. It was a PACKED HOUSE with vendors from all over the local arena flaunting their covetous foodstuffs, tenderly made in their love shacks for us to share and appreciate. Colormekatie clicked away on her camera as we voyeuristically peeped lovers doing their thang at the kissing photo booth stage thing area. Our knees were weakened when Rifle Recoil performed his serenade, his voice reaching ridiculously high octaves executed with piercing perfection. The combined beat boxing and multi-layered sound mixing confirmed he is indeed a one man wonderband. DJ Jimmy T played some tunes to get out giddy toes a poppin’, bringing back old school flair with class and wit. Beside the accumulation of hearts dangling everywhere there were drawings, paintings, and prints of artwork expressing an appreciation for food and the fun and creative things you can do with it.

Check our flickr page for images of all goodies we consumed. And below, a highlight of our escapade:

The most representative of our food affair theme was Sugarbuilt‘s lingerie cookie series. So sexy.

Anarchy in a Jar and Mama O’s Kimchee come together to “bring you an aphrodisiac of mythical proportions”. They had an affair and made a baby called Jamchi. What a great pair!

Slankshack Jerky: The official jerky of  love.

Sandwich Friend‘s Lonely Hearts Club is a riff on your dull club sandwich with chipotle carrots, chicharrones, and spiked bacon drippings. Nothing says love like bacon!

Speaking of bacon, meet Bacon Marmalade. It’s an irresistible multi-use condiment that heightens ANYTHING you use it on. Guaranteed.

Cobra Pate welcomes special edition flavors for GFM, our favorite being Hearts Afire: Macadamia nut, red pepper, red chiles, Hawaiian sea salt. Yum.

Sigmund Pretzelshop shared their perfectly soft and chewy pretzels adorned with pink drizzle and sprinkles, how appropriate!

We love Pumpkin & Honeybunny‘s timely cards, especially the one that says “I love you more than sliced bread”.

Morta Di Fame shared her specialty: Italian Street food such as Panelle. We also can’t get enough of these magnets, his stature and passionate expression is another way of showing, love.

No one left unkissed thanks to colormekatie and her kissing-photo-booth-stage-thing-area.

Rifle Recoil and his serenade.

We hope you enjoyed the day at the market, we thought it was beautiful, every bit of it, except for of course, cleaning up the mess we made on our food beds.

More photos on our flickr, and make sure to check out the next market April 10th!


GFM : A Food Affair : Feb 13th!

Hello GFM fans!

After a month hiatus we are happy to return with full force, preparing for the next food market to be held February 13th!

It will be a Valentines Day Extravaganza of sorts, a celebration of all that is nauseating and lovey dovey, highlighting the holiday with a cascade of heart pins, heart on strings, red-tinted EVERYTHING and a kissing photo booth!

The day will feature a cascade of lovely treats: from aphrodisiac inspired recipes to heart shaped cookies, a photo kissing booth courtesy fellow Greenpointers Color Me Katie and Hyla Skopitz, a secret foodmirer bulletin board to share your food crushes and indulgences, and a heart-hunt: find the heart, win a GFM goodie bag. We are also very pleased to present music  by DJ Jimmy T and a performance by Rifle Recoil @ 3pm. We are also grateful to add to a growing list of food-related artworks by artists Jessie Oleson and Jesse Kuhn who will share a few prints on food and love!

Check the faceboook invite here, and join the group if you haven’t already! And spread the love!

And now a roster of all the love infested goodies you’ll find at the market:

– Ricochilito: pickled chipotle peppers

iheartkeenwah: quinoa mix

Token Confections: caramel

Sandwich Friend: sandwiches

– A Park: baked goods

Woodside Bakehouse: vegan granola bars

Afternoon Delights: scones, cupcakes, and tea

Pumpkin & Honeybunny: soda and cards

Planet Fruton: iced tea

Anarchy in a Jar: jam

Sourpuss Pickles: pickles

– Coquette Catering: baked goods and sweets

Bacon Marmalade: bacon marmalade

Morta di Fame: Sicilian street food

The Soup Spoon: soup

Kombucha Brooklyn: kombucha

Brooklyn Brine: pickles

– Wee Bites: mini baked goods

La Tia Faby: empanadas and baked goods

Sweetie Pies Brooklyn: sweet and savory pies

Cobra Pate: vegan pate

DP Chutney Collective: chutney

Taza Chocolate: chocolate

– Molly’s Chocolates: chocolate

Bean & Apple: sweet sauces and baked goods

Mombucha: kombucha

– Mill Hollow Maple: honey

Cakes Confidential: cake and decorating kits

Skimkim: spreads, butters, and specialty sauces

Arirang Kimchi: kimchi

Janet’s Rum Cakes: jamaican rum cakes

Hale Seitan: seitan and pate

Sugarbuilt: decorative cookies

Mama O’s Kimchee: kimchi

Slantshack Jerky: jerky

Milkmade Ice Cream: ice cream

Sigmund Pretzel Shop: pretzels

– Korean BBQ made by GFM organizer’s stepmama!

Holiday Foodtacular Recap!

Our headquarters laptop is finally functioning again and we’d like to thank Santa for not obliterating our data and pictures so that we might share the spectacular FOODtacular that occurred here at Greenpoint Food Market last week!

Cut out snowflakes, santa hats, gift wrapping, and music (no holiday tunes, thank god) abounded inside the Church of Messiah and we are grateful to all the folks who came out despite the threat of an oncoming snow storm, (which are only now starting to disintegrate) meandering through the isles shopping for their beloveds with pickles, jam, cookies, chocolate and beyond. We loved the high energy holiday spirit which just seemed to make everyone nicer than usual. Here are some pictures if you missed out!

Ricochilito’s pickled chipotle peppers makes its debut at GFM.

Slantshack Jerky sold out their two flavors of chewy jerky before we could take some shots here’s their sticker planted on the buxom chest of one of the founders.

We love Sourpuss Pickles‘ new do. O and their pickles are pretty delicious.

Our neighbors at Rooftop Farms joined us sharing some produce and pickled jars from the farm as well as some awesome t-shirts and bags.

Kor d’Oeuvres shares his infamous dips from (our favorite) spinach & artichoke dip to the world’s greatest onion dip.

Mama O’s bokchoy kimchee is a perfect combo of crunch, chew, tart, sour and spice. It goes really well chopped and added to your morning eggs. Make sure to brush your teeth promptly after though.

These peppermint-chocolate candy cane sandwich cookies from You Can’t Eat Bread? summarized the holiday in one spiked bite.

Sarah’s Cherry Brandy Christmas Fruit Cakes were softly intoxicating.

The Regal Vegan‘s Faux Gras lets you eat with decadence without gaining an extra layer of blubber.

We are wholeheartedly obsessed with Bean & Apple’s Oreo Cookie Cookies. Obsessed.

Janet’s Rum Cakes is family run and have been passed down a couple generations, now available for everyone to enjoy its luscious, soft, moist body in every bite.

Cobra Pate brought it in a new flavor this time around, the ginger carrot cashew. It was super flavorful and punchy.

A Park’s green tea macaroons were out of this world, as was her raisin bread. Green tea as dessert should be the next new big thing. Green tea ice cream, green tea macaroons, green tea tiramisu, green tea cannolis, green tea crepes, green tea…

We love Sandwich Friend’s scandalous sandwich titles as much as we enjoy eating them. The saucy tempehtress has veggies, tempeh, pickles, and laid on sesame buns. It was light but filling.

Lindzertort Bakery’s Rugelach. Say no more.

The DP Chutney Collective offers an endless variety of chutneys from pineapple and coconut to chili pepper and apple-quince.

Sugarbuilt’s snowflakes made our eyes gleam and glitter. And we are oh so proud of her iron clad cookies featured in Edible Brooklyn.

Woodside Bakehouse’s granola is so chewy and delicious, we enjoyed ours with a glass of raw milk from Connecticut.

Brooklyn Brine’s single serve pickles were the perfect accompaniment to the saucy tempehtress.

Mini apple and pumpkin pies from Tiny Pies for You!

Kombucha Brooklyn’s new flavors Straight Up and Urban Passion.

We loved By The Hearth‘s allergy free baked goods packaged in little gingerbread men, so holiday-licious!

These brownies by Abby’s Bakery were fudgy and blended right with your tongue. Delicious.

La Bella Torte went all out, showering us with a variety of Italian pastries.

We heart keen-wah. Period.

Pumpkin & Honeybunny was the perfect source for your holiday cards.

We are up for some skimkim‘s mean green skimchee any time of day.

Vivana’s organic vegan pate and crackers were the perfect appetizers for our holiday party. Rich, textural, and filling!

Mombucha returned with two new flavors with tea and awesomeness. Their new t-shirts are pretty sweet too.

We loved all the tunes DJ Jimmy T provided on the record, thank you!

Lastly, many thanks to Colin for playing and singing some amazing tunes! He was accompanied by a tap dancer that took the stage and blew us away. Thank you!

Raffle Gift Winners!!

Hello GFM Fans!

We apologize for the delayed announcement, our headquarters laptop was in shambles, drowned in matzo ball soup. Until then we can only proudly announce the winners of holiday gifts provided by our fabulous local shops and businesses!!

Congratulations to:::

Lauren B. who won a gift certificate from Kill Devil Hill

Abel L. who won a four draft drinks from t.b.d.

Brenda B. who won a cookbook and calendar from WORD

Alison F. who won an empanada and mounted arepa dinner from Cafecito Bogota

Anna F. who won drinks from Cafe Grumpy
Thank you SO MUCH for your participation, for coming out amidst the oncoming snowstorm (which honestly didn’t turn out to be so bad after all) and gracing us with your holiday spirit.

We will take a break in January and return in FEBRUARY for some fun Valentines Action!!

Pictures and Recap coming soon!


Hello GFM Fans!!

We are OH so proud and excited to present the next Greenpoint Food Market, DECEMBER 19th!!

It’s that time of year when cash flows freely all for the sake of showing some love for our friends and family and there’s certainly no better way to show you care than showering them with delicious foodstuffs to be graciously devoured. We will be decorating the church to show off our giddy festivities and share what each vendor has to offer straight from their kitchen to you.

Greenpoint Food Market will show some love to our supporters by giving away gifts from our neighborhood staples like Cafe Grumpy, t.b.d., Word Bookstore, Cafecito Bogota, Kill Devil Hill, Five Leaves, and more! We are beyond grateful for this support and opportunity from our local businesses!!!

We are also very proud to present a performance from that piano guy you see playing often at union square! You know, he rolls around a piano in the city and plays the craziest skilled songs with his nimble fingers. Colin Huggins is the man behind the keys and he will be accompanied by tap dancers to blow us away with beats and song!

Also nod that head and tap some toes while listening to some sounds and beats moderated by our Greenpoint DJ Jimmy T and his Electric Cowbell. There will records from their new label Electric Cowbell Records available for sale!

Without further ado, allow us to present a full list of vendors. See you then!

Skimkim: Asian infused spreads and butters

You Can’t Eat Bread? : Gluten free baked goods

Sandwich Friend : Sandwiches of unique varieties

Linzertort Bakery : Vegan rugelach cookies

Woodside Bakehouse : Vegan granola bars

Pumpkin & Honeybunny : Handcrafted food-inspired cards and stationary

I Heart Keenwah : Quinoa based granola mix

A Park : Baked goods

Sourpuss Pickles : Pickles and chutney

Kor d’Oeuvres : Spreads and dips

La Bella Torte: Italian pastries

Abby’s Bakery : Mix of cookies and brownies

By the Hearth : Allergy free baked goods

Sugarbuilt: Intricately decorated cookies

Bean & Apple : Toffee, fudge, caramel, baked goods

DP Chutney Collective: Chutney, gastriques, peanuts

Kombucha Brooklyn : Kombucha

Brooklyn Brine : Pickles

The Soup Spoon : Soup

Cobra Pate : Vegan pate

La Tia Faby : Empanadas, baked goods

Sarah : Chutney, preserves

Dixie Spanish : Boiled Peanuts

Slantshack Jerky : Jerky

Seed for Change : Tempeh

Mombucha : Kombucha

Belly Goodness : Granola, brecht, pies

Mama O’s Kimchee : Kimchee

Ricochilito: Pickled chipotle peppers

Janet’s Rum Cakes: Rum Cake

Rooftop Farms: Fresh and pickled produce

GFM Recap

Thank you everyone who came out on a beautiful and brisk Saturday to Greenpoint Food Market! It was a packed house and we are ever grateful for each vendor’s participation, sharing a variety of homemade goods to wide eyed eager-to-taste visitors streaming in through the door! The church was a flurry of activity, with a hot chocolate benefit cookoff, demos, raffles and performances all happening at once and here we announce winners and provide a recap of what you saw or missed.

BUT, before we go any further we should announce the next market day:


DEC 19th from Noon – 5

If you’d like to participate as a vendor, artist or performer, please contact us:

The vendor with the bestest and tastiest hot chocolate goes to:


Kheedim used jacques torres chocolate to concoct this tasty creamy hot chocolate and as a prize he received a bag of market goodies!! We raised $50 in singles and quarters for the soup kitchen, which uses every dollar donated to feed the hungry in Greenpoint. Thank you for your participation and for voting!

We gave away free raffles for a chance to win the amazing cookbook Forking Fantastic! and we are proud to announce Bonnie of Greenpoint as our winner! Yay!

The demos for pate, tempeh and kombucha took place at each vendor’s table and we got to learn about the wonders of how they are produced, what they consist of and how you can make some at home.

And now, those covetous photos:

GFM introduced a new vendor but old time Korean favorite, Arirang Kimchi. The thirty year old company has been reaching out to a broader audience and we welcomed them with open arms. Plus, they provided samples of delicious jap chae, a vegetable transparent noodle staple Korean dish.

Cafe Grumpy joined us again offering fresh coffee from their own roastery in Greenpoint with a new Costa Rica blend. Coffee fiends were ecstatic to find these at the market.

La Tia Faby’s empanadas sell like hotcakes and are quick in building a devoted fanbase.

Sweetie Pies Brooklyn’s mini pies are no joke: sausage, apple, sage pie, pear jalapeno pie and apple pie with a cheddar crust. Our bellies are rumbling and craving some right now.

We are grateful for Taza Chocolate’s participation in the hot chocolate cookoff, where they used the cinnamon chocolate disc to whip up a delicious recipe of warm and spicy drink.

We’ve been using Skimkim’s kimchi herb butter in our morning omelette but we might have to convert to their new ginger dazzled butter, only because it proclaims to be a crazy bitch.

Lindzertort Bakery’s granola is not only yummy, it’s vegan. Hence, it’s healthier than it already is.

Sandwiches by Sandwich Friend are very special with a eclectic mix of ingredients that are sure to please your palate. These were gone by the end of the day and we especially loved the hammy-apple which  has sauteed apples. Sauteed apples!

Our dear friend sells her father’s all natural candy sourced from Hudson Valley. Jelly beans, chocolate toffee dream bars, and chocolate espresso beans are perfect snacks that leaves you feeling a little less guilty.

Goddamn Cobras are an amazing film collective that also makes vegan pate. The tomato basil pate got us swooning.

Seed for Change’s microgreens and sprouts were a pleasure to the eyes and the freshly made, cooked-on-site tempeh sent an amorous scent throughout the church.

Mama O’s new bokchoy kimchee is bolder and crunchier than ever, although the cabbage version as pictured above are still potently good.

Morning Star Cakes and Cookies made these cute cupcakes and others topped with irresistible chunks of sugar. yum.

Fudge sauce. Caramel Sauce. Salted Toffee. Chocolate Almond Toffee. Bean & Apple. Period.

Berry Street Bags returns with a few new designs, based on photographs of the urbanscapes of our neighborhood.

Kor d’Oeuvres’ World’s Greatest Onion Dip is a bold statement to make but we’ll admit, it does indeed live up to its name. The spinach and artichoke dip is a also a new favorite.

We have officially fallen in love with Anarchy in  Jar’s Strawberry Balsamic Jam. We will never, EVER, have enough of those chunks of strawberries lathered onto waffles or toast. Ever.

Lucky Girl Cookies’ were sweet in its simplicity and are dangerous for sweets addicts.

Northside Town Hall joined the market with special firehouse cupcakes and brownies and rice crispy treats to talk to folks about their new organization.

Woodside Bakehouse’s signature vegan granola bar is chewy and delicious!

Sugarbuilt surprises us every time with her innovative and elaborate cookie designs, here you will see fennel next to turkey next to acorn squash. Pure fall celebration.

Sourpuss Pickles have a way turning non pickle eaters into converted pickler sticklers.

Soup Spoon provides the heartiest soups in town including the instantaneously soothing chicken dumpling soup.

A Needed Twist brought a mix of twisted up breads that were soft and aromatic and went very well simply torn and dipped into vegan pate.

Token Confections buyers beware, these chewy soft caramels are incredibly inexplicably addictive. We ate our entire bag in one sitting.

Theo’s chicken liver pate has brought an unfamiliar to the masses and made sure everyone enjoyed it, he didn’t have to try very hard.

Nick’s “Chili Heaven” consists of 30 ingredients including peanut butter, espresso, apple cider, and beer. We challenged him to bring double the portion next time using 60 ingredients.

Pumpkin & Honeybunny’s homemade soda and stationary have become a staple at the market and we’re not sure how we tolerated life without hibiscus soda in the past.

Mombucha is created by our dear friend Rich and his partner, based on a recipe given by his mother and her friend Ruth. He will deliver and refill your mombucha by bike in the neighborhood and will give you a sweet lecture on how kombucha is made and why you should drink three 4oz cups a day.

Last but not least, thank you Brian for an amazing jazz accompaniment to the market, it was a fabulous performance with riffs of guitar and bass reverberating through the space.

Thank you! and See you Dec 19th!

O the Wonders to Occur THIS SATURDAY!!

Hello GFM Fans!

Greenpoint Food Market returns after a few weeks hiatus! We realized it’s more eventful and fun when the market runs on a monthly basis, so here we are! We hope you missed the revelry and are looking forward to a day of non-stop adventure, for your mouth!

We’ve got many exciting things in store for you, here are a few things you can expect this Saturday:

At 2pm, Theo will give a workshop on making chicken liver pate and at 2:30 Barry will give a workshop on making tempeh and at 3 Rich will lecture you on all thing kombucha!

And while you’re munching and enjoying open those ears for a performance by Brian at 4!

A hot chocolate cookoff will take place with participating vendors as contestants, which you can purchase and taste at a quarter and vote for your favorite. All proceeds will go to Greenpoint Soup Kitchen. The winning vendor receives a goodie bag of market stuff!

We are going to give out free raffle tickets for your chance to win the amazing cookbook Forking Fantastic!

NAG and People’s Firehouse has joined together in an effort to build Northside Town Hall Community and Cultural Center and they’ll be at the market sharing info about their organization as well as some goodies!

We are also proud and excited to collaborate with Greenpoint’s own Rooftop Farms for their next market, a few GFM vendors will be there Sunday the 22nd selling their goodies aside the fresh and localist vegetables you’ll find this side of town.

And finally, here’s a full and mouth-watering list of the amazing vendors you’ll find at the market on Saturday:

– Pumpkin & Honebunny returns with their ever so delicious homemade soda and beautiful custom made cards.

Token Confections has built a solid fanbase with her caramels and we can’t wait to stuff our faces with some more.

– A Needed Twist brings challah bread for the first time at the market, and Woodside Bakehouse will be selling vegan granola bars.

Taza Chocolate continues to gift us with our favorite chili infused chocolate and Cafe Grumpy returns with their line of Greenpoint roasted coffee.

Anarchy in a Jar pumps ups the jams with a myriad flavors and concoctions and Sugarbuilt will show off their exquisitely designed cookies.

Theo returns with the ever so delectable chicken liver pate and Kors D’Oeuvres will provide a collection of dips and spreads.

–  Abby’s Bakery fills us with a variety of cookies and brownies and By the Hearth brings gluten and dairy free baked goods with a thanksgiving twang.

– Morningstar cakes and cookies gives us a sugar high and Soup Spoon keeps us cozy and warm.

Skimkim’s asian infused popcorn, spreads and butter is irresistible and we await Seed for Change’s tempeh with much anticipation.

– We love La Tia Faby’s empanadas as well as Sweetie Pies Brooklyn’s irresistible sweet and savory pies.

– We can’t WAIT to taste Bean & Apple’s toffee, fudge AND caramel sauce. Can’t. Wait.

– Rich brews kombucha to keep us healthy and Berry Street Bags provides the handy custom made GFM tote bags which also is a great PR tool!

– Mai will sell yummy candy and Goddamn Cobras will bring delicious raw vegan pate.

Sandwich Friends takes care of your lunch and The Linzertort Bakery appeases your snacking urge with some healthy granola.

– Lucky Girl Cookies satisfies that sweet tooth and Sourpuss Pickles keeps us puckered.

Mama O’s Kimchee and Arirang Kimchee will fill the air with pungent and flavorful fermented cabbage, yum!

There’s absolutely no chance you wouldn’t be convinced to join us this Saturday, so we’ll just see you there!