Spring Awakening Recap

Greetings Sun Blushed Fans of GFM!

We cannot doubt you have done nothing but relish in the gleaming sun this weekend, not to mention shining in the afterglow of eating way too many delicious goodies at Saturday’s market! We were completely astounded, and slightly claustrophobed by the enormous turnout. Blessed and grateful are we. We cannot thank you enough for the support you have been showing GFM thus far, giving our homey vendors the opportunity to share their cherished recipes with the community, all building that needed support for self-sufficiency, sustainability, and success!

And we will now announce THE NEXT MARKET : MAY 22nd!

MARK YOUR CALENDARS and please spread the word! Separate post and facebook invite will be created shortly. Have you also joined our facebook group yet? If not, please do and share the love and gluttony!

And without further ado, a short photo recap of what we consumed is below. Check our flickr page for more and see you May 22nd!

Mushroom, pesto cashew ricotta, and sundried tomato Pizette by Electric Blue Baking

Hot Fireman’s Pear Jam with chipotle by Anarchy in a Jar

Wasabi Sunseed vegan pate by Cobra Pate

Pulled pork buns by Red Cook

Variety of onigiri flavors by Creme

Spring themed cookies by Sugarbuilt

Stout and Peanut Butter ice cream by Milkmade Ice Cream

Delicious and healthy as hell Sandwiches by Sandwich Friend

Kimchi and Beef empanadas by La Tia Faby

Spicy bacon marmalade. Need we say more?

Lavender Meringues by Baked by Bub

Breathkilling Kimchi by Banchan Terroir

Refreshing Jalapeno Agave Butter by Skimkim

Soda flavors of all kind by Pumpkin & Honeybunny

Gluten free ginger cupcakes with lime curd and coconut frosting by You Can’t Eat Bread?!

An AMAZING performance by The People’s Champs


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