Picnic in the Park: May 22nd!

Greetings dear friends of Greenpoint Food Market!

The month of May is whizzing by right before our eyes and we MUST share our excitement for summer. The outdoor concerts, the beach, the stink of garbage and toxic waste, the sticky skin touching you in the subway, pale skins and painfully scantily dressed revelers. We. Can’t. Wait. Last month we celebrated with a Spring Awakening, this month we’ve created the theme A Picnic in the Park to share the awesomeness of warm weather in combination with some delicious foodstuffs. (thank you Skimkim for the idea!) The market is hosted by the Church of Messiah, situated right across the street from the ever beautiful McGolrick Park and we would love to see you walk in, grab some goodies and take a stroll around the park and enjoy your edible purchases. Bring a blanket, bring a frisbee, bring suntan lotion, and bring a fork!

We are very proud to announce what will be an amazing performance by Raccoon Fighter at 3pm!

We are too grateful and ecstatic to present a whopping 47 vendors this month, all hail from various ends of the food spectrum, guaranteeing to gratify cravings for every taste bud you possess. Below is a roster of what you’ll find, please take a moment to SPREAD the love, your kind words and anticipation is what makes this market function!

Join the facebook group, share the invite, and loosen that belt! See you May 22nd!


You Can’t Eat Bread!?

Canary Yellow Kitchen

Woodside Bakehouse

Electric Blue Baking

Sweeties New York  Pastry Co.

Tempeh Brooklyn

Kombucha Brooklyn

A Park

Masala Loca

Dixie Spanish

Mama O’s Kimchee

Baked by Bub

Red Cook

I Heart Keenwah

Milkmade Ice Cream


Granola Lab


Fanny & Jane

DP Chutney Collective

Wee Bites

Sourpuss Pickles

La Tia Faby

Bean & Apple

Sweetie Pies Brooklyn

Empanadas DPM

Lizzie Biscuits

Cobra Pate

Kings County Jerky Co.

Nuts + Nuts

Mother’s Irish Bread Muffins

Luminous Kitchen

Small Scale Foods

Pumpkin & Honeybunny


Janet’s Rum Cakes



Molly’s Chocolates

Anarchy in a Jar

Brooklyn Brine

Rapscallion Cultured Vegetables

Token Confections

Cheshire Canning

Sam + Savi

Regal Vegan

Eagle Street Rooftop Farm

Enlightenment Wines


8 responses to “Picnic in the Park: May 22nd!

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  3. Sabedo Argueta

    Hi I am actually starting a project in my towne; Union City NJ. It is similar to what you guys are doing, just that I want to have the farms in as many rooftops as possible. I wanted some information as to what are the best ways to farm in a roof. I would appreciate it If you guys could email me your contact information so that we can set up a date when I may be able to go visit you guys and get the ins and outs of how your project work. Thanks.

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